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Draft Proofing your Home

Draft Proofing

Installing new Electric Radiators can provide you with a cost effective heating solution for your home it is essential that you minimise the loss of heat through draughts and unnecessary ventilation.

We have put together a list of draught hotspots which will help you identify and prevent heat loss in your home.

1. Doors – fit draught-proofing strips between the door itself and the frame. This can apply to internal as well as external doors. For gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor, you can buy a special ‘brush’ or hinged flap draught excluder.

2. Along the top and bottom of skirting boards – try using a sealant to fill the gaps.

3. Windows – draught-proofing strips work well around opening windows. Draughts also occur in cracks between the window frames and the surrounding walls – you can either use putty or sealant.

4. Between floorboards – a silicone-based filler that allows for some movement is best for filling the gaps in floorboards, or you can insulate the space under your floor.

5. Loft hatches – place draught strips around the frame to keep out draughts. Also, the door itself can be insulated with polystyrene on the top side.

6. Letter box – Add a second flap or ‘brushes’.

7. Keyholes – you can fit a cover that drops a metal disc over the keyhole – search online.

8. Disused vents, perhaps left behind after gas fires and old central heating boilers, with non balanced flues, were removed. These should be sealed up or you can fill them with expanding polyurethane foam.

9. Chimneys – if you still use your chimney then you can use a chimney balloon, if you don’t use it you can have it capped.

10. Damaged or worn parts of a building, for example, where brickwork needs ‘re-pointing’.  Add new or top-up mortar between the bricks.

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