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Don’t be Scared by Heating your Home this Halloween

Heating with Electric Radiators

As the temperatures drop, and winter looms it is time to consider heating your home again.  For many people, heating bills can be a source of unwanted anxiety, and if your home is large or old we understand how high heating bills can be scary.  Sitting in the cold is an option many people resort to because they believe they simply cannot afford to heat their homes, but this does not have to be the case.  There are some really simple changes you can make to your home to get the best out of your heating, and heating your home with electric radiators can be a great money saver, meaning no one needs to be left in the cold.

Keep out the ghoulish draughts

Ensuring you have the best insulation in your home is a great way to start to reduce heating bills.  Free loft insulation is worth checking out, there are several companies that will do this for you and it is more than worth the time to arrange.  Most companies offer a quick service with minimal disruption. Heat rises, so a well insulated loft prevents the heat from escaping the main body of the house, keeping it where you need it most.

Consider your home furnishings.  Thick curtains are a plus in winter, and when combined with draught excluders at the door, you can easily prevent draughts from coming into the main living rooms. If you have tiled or wooden floors consider rugs, even if you then take them up in the summer.  Finally, have throws or blankets on sofas and chairs, they look decorative in the day, and make a great way to snuggle up in the evenings to watch the television.

The front door is a major source of draughts so be sure to consider a curtain or draught excluder there too, and remember when you go to answer the door to trick or treaters – keep internal doors closed!

Cost effective heating that won’t give you a fright

Once you have taken steps to ensure that any heat you generate for your home is going to be used well and contained within your walls, not escaping to heat the great outdoors, it is time to consider which heating is best. Electric radiators can save a massive amount of money when compared to other heat sources. The latest technology means that electric radiators offer the most control over heating your home.

Central heating delivers an even temperature during the day, but when you need more flexibility and control over your heating, electric radiators are perfect.  Each heater can be set to come on at different times only providing heat when you need it and ultimately keeping the cost down.

Our slimline electric radiators could be the perfect solution.  Taking up very little space, these heaters have a safety cut out system which prevents overheating, and an anti-frost mode to prevent temperatures from falling below 5 degrees.

Have a fearless Halloween

There is really no need to be scared by high heating prices this October.  By following the helpful home insulating tips and using electric radiators to heat your home, you will be pleasantly surprised not Halloween scared when you receive your heating bill.

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