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How To Keep Your House Damp-Free


Damp is one of the most common problems in our homes, and mould can follow quickly in a damp environment. If that happens, it can be difficult and costly – not to say unpleasant – to clean up, and left unchecked it can cause respiratory problems. So how do you make sure that your home stays dry and damp free?

The simplest, hassle-free solution to minimise damp in your home is to have the right home heating solution. It makes sense that keeping your home warm will also keep it dry, but many of us don’t want to have our central heating on all the time, especially if no-one’s at home. Even if it keeps damp away, it can be costly and of course if you’re not in, you’re not enjoying the benefit of a nice warm house. Our electric radiators are a great solution – not only are they incredibly efficient and therefore cheap to run, you can set them to a very low temperature to stop damp from forming. This ‘climate control’ can run in the background all the time, ensuring that your home stays warm but without heating it to normal, occupied levels. 

Good ventilation is also key in keeping your home damp and mould-free – good air circulation prevents moisture from forming on surfaces, and so prevents walls, window-sills etc from becoming damp. Our slimline electric radiator has a special vent to direct warm air into the room, improving air circulation throughout your home and keeping damp down. 

Probably the most tricky room in the house when it comes to damp prevention is the bathroom. Often, these are only ventilated by a window, and of course it’s the room in the house with the most steam and water. This is where an electric towel rail comes in – they’re perfect for keeping the room warm, and also for drying damp towels and preventing mould from forming on them. Just like our normal electric radiators, our towel rails are extremely efficient and can be set to run at a low temperature so they don’t waste money.

It’s amazing the difference some good heating can make to the atmosphere in a home, so if your house suffers from damp and is prone to mould, it might be time to think about swapping to electric heating and taking control of your home’s climate. For more information about making the switch, take a look at our products or give us a call on 01423 733000.

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