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How to Set Up Your Garden Studio or Office

Home Office

In an increasingly flexible economy, known as “the gig economy”, many people are choosing to work from home. Less commute and more flexible working hours are appealing, but heating a whole house to keep warm seems like overkill. A garden office or studio is a great solution. It keeps your work and home life separate and gives you focus, but it can be difficult to heat one efficiently.

Consider Size and Layout

The size of your garden office will depend on your budget, the size of your garden, and how much space you actually want. There are many different types of offices and studios that are cost-effective and come in different types of layouts. You need to consider the size you want, and how the space will be set out.

Planning Permission

Make sure that you have the correct planning permission for your outdoor building. It is best to refer to your local council on specific dimensions. Conservation areas may require certain colours and roofing materials. Don’t build anything without getting suitable advice first.

Insulate Effectively First

Staying warm and dry in your office will ensure you can work effectively. This also helps ensure the life of your building, and protects your computer equipment and other items. Depending on the thickness of your walls, you may wish to consider insulation. You can buy different types that go under the floor and in wall cavities. This means any heating you use will be effective.

Opt for Double Glazing If Possible

Thin windows will make any of your heating efforts go to waste. You can seal the panels to reduce heat loss, but double glazing is the best option. Paying attention to these details means you will have a lovely office and feel comfortable during the cooler winter months.

Ensure You Have Sufficient Power Outlets

In this modern world, you need enough power outlets, especially if you have printers or other such electronic equipment. A few power outlets placed around the space will be ideal.

Heating Your Space on a Budget

Heating your space without skyrocketing your heating bill is essential, especially if you’re self-employed. Whilst you can claim some of your heating back on your business expenses, it’s ideal to keep the costs low. Electric radiators are the perfect mobile solution for making your garden office/studio warm and cosy. A small space such as an office will benefit greatly from a heater, which multiplies heating options. Our range of electric heaters are easy to install, look great, and can heat your space around the clock or just kick in when the temperature hits a certain level.

Heating your space will keep it free from damp, and make you feel happy and productive in your private workspace. Take a look at our range of electric radiators here to find something that will suit your garden office/studio.



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