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Keeping the Elderly and Vulnerable Warm in Winter

Elderly Keeping Warm

With cold related deaths reaching a 15 year high in 2015 you’ll want to be prepared for winter. The team at Best Electric Radiators have put together a helpful list of tips to help your elderly relatives to stay warm this winter.

Heat all of the house

Heating your home effectively is going to be key to ensuring everyone stays warm. It is also crucial to heat the entire home as heating just one room isn’t enough to stay safely warm in cold snaps. Electric radiators can help to maintain a comfortable level of heat throughout the home thanks to digital thermostats.

Keep the heating on low

Whilst the money conscious may feel it’s not worthwhile keeping the heating on all of the time, it’s actually more energy efficient to do this. Our slimline digital radiators can be set to keep warm at specific temperatures and will turn back on when the room has dropped in temperature by so much as half a degree. This method of heating a home uses less energy overall.

Stock up with at least one portable heater

If in any event the heating fails in the home then it is best to have a portable heater at hand. This can help your relative or neighbour to avoid getting too cold until the main heating system can be fixed.

Eat hot meals and drink warm fluids

It’s not just external heat sources that help to keep the cold at bay, the body is very good at generating its own heat. In winter the elderly and vulnerable should aim to eat and drink hot meals as this will help to maintain body heat and health.

Cold proof the house

Make use of draught excluders and thick curtains to combat draughts in homes. Cover any large uncarpeted areas with rugs to keep the warmth in. Thick throws look lovely on the sofa or armchair and are ideal for adding a layer of warmth when watching the television in the evenings.

Heat the bathroom to make bathing easier

Nothing warms you through more than a hot bath or shower, but it can be unpleasant stepping out into a cold room. A heated towel rail not only gives you a toasty towel to wrap up in, it’s pretty good for heating the bathroom. A cosy bathroom makes bathing for more comfortable and accessible for the elderly over winter.

Make the most of free insulation

Insulating the loft can make a huge difference to not only the heating bill but the overall warmth of the home. If your relative or neighbour has not yet taken advantage of the many companies providing free insulation, now is the ideal time to get it sorted out.

Check on your relative or neighbour regularly

The final piece of advice we can offer is to make regular phone calls or visits to your relative’s home to see how they are doing. During very cold weather try to make sure they have the heating on high enough and are dressed appropriately. If they have electric radiators installed you can program the radiator to be optimally warm at all hours.

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