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Landlords Choosing Electric Radiators As A Solution


If you are a landlord you will know that there are a million and one things to consider.  Heating the property is just one issue, but increasingly landlords are seeing the benefits of electric radiators and moving their properties over to this form of heating. Tenants are also becoming heating savvy and many of them will look for a property that offers an affordable solution that they know they can trust.

Electric Radiators Save Installation Costs

If you have outdated heating in a property you rent out, a new system can be costly. It can be disruptive to any sitting tenants, or you may lose rental time whilst waiting for the work to be done between tenants. Central heating, for example, is quite a big job.  If your property is not already on the mains gas supply, you really are looking at thousands. You also then have to have ugly pipe work on the walls or even more upheaval to enable the pipes to be hidden in the walls. It certainly is not a little job.  Boilers are expensive, radiators are expensive, and the copper pipe is big money.   However you are obligated to provide an appropriate system.  Electric radiators work out of the box.  Even if you want them wall mounted so the tenant cannot move them, you are looking at some simple DIY or the skills of a local handyman for a couple of hours.

Electric Radiators Save Maintenance

One of the advantages of having electric radiators is the lower maintenance cost involved.  A central heating system involves both gas and electricity.  This means there is more to go wrong.  You will have to provide an annual safety check, and any maintenance issues create heating problems for the whole house.  If an electric radiator was to stop working, you are only looking at heating issues for one room.  A boiler could spell the end of heating and hot water for the entire household.  You can replace an electric radiator in a matter of minutes, but to be fair there is so much less to go wrong that a new radiator should give you maintenance free heating for several years with no issues.

Electric Radiators Are Safer

Central heating systems, and any system that uses gas, carries an inherent risk of carbon monoxide and gas leakages.  As well as installing and properly maintaining the system you will also have to have carbon monoxide detectors fitted, and of course these will need checking to prove they are working.  Smoke detectors should be in any property as a standard, and that is all you need with an electric radiator system.  Obviously smoke detectors must be checked regularly and be in good working order as well.

With the costs of running electric radiators being much lower than most people might expect, it is easy to see why they are gaining in popularity.  They are easy to use, and with thermostats and timers, your tenants can set their heating to suit them with no fuss.  Savvy tenants are definitely aware that electric radiators are the smart choice.



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