New Electric Radiator Videos – Just Released!

Electric Radiator Videos

Best Electric Radiators – the leading UK supplier of electric radiators has just released two brand new video demonstrations of their cost effective and energy efficient electric radiators.

The Slimline Digital is their best-selling electric radiator and has several unique selling points such as the front top vent which directs heat into the room rather than up the coldest part of the room – which is often the wall!  The Slimline Digital also heats up promptly and is possibly the slimmest wall mounted electric radiator on the market helping to reduce intrusion into your living space.  It includes a clever technology known as ‘Intelligent Control System’ to help maximise efficiency and reduce running costs.  It is also lightweight and has a fully 24/7 fully programmable thermostat to fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

Watch the Slimline Digital electric radiator product video:

The Comfort Control electric radiator is an oil filled electric radiator with stylish designer looks and fully programmable digital thermostat.  The oil allows for maximum heat retention and delivery of even heat distribution in your living space.  It is completely silent during operation and uses ‘Intelligent Control System’ technology to maximise energy efficiency and minimise wastage.

Watch the Comfort Control electric radiator product video:

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