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Radiator Design Inspiration

Electric Radiator Inspiration

Exactly how big of a difference can something as simple as a radiator make to a room’s overall design aesthetic? Given that what you’re looking at is primarily a functional heating device, is it really possible to use a radiator to transform the look and feel of an interior living space?

In a word, yes – and quite spectacularly at that!

It’s only as of relatively recently that designers have begun really pushing boundaries when it comes to radiator design. It may be hard to imagine how a radiator alone can transform your room, but to take a look at a few examples that have done exactly that might just provide you with the inspiration you’ve been looking for:

Hooked on Simplicity

In this instance for example, the focus is primarily on simplicity and making the very most of the limited space available. The radiator itself is nothing less than a work of art, though also offers the convenience of towel hooks and is minimalist enough to complement any modern kitchen.

A Twist On the Norm

What’s truly incredible about this stunning radiator is the way in which they’ve managed to create something undeniably spectacular, simply by twisting and bending the bars that would usually be straight. That’s not to say that the vintage copper finish doesn’t also set it off as something both opulent and magnificent, but it’s the creative twist on the norm in terms of its structure that really gives it such uniqueness.

Killer Chrome

For those looking for the exact opposite of a radiator that blends peacefully into the background, an extraordinary chrome version like this might do just the trick. Once again, more suited to minimalist living spaces and those with a highly contemporary vibe, the way it complements the deep, romantic colour palette of the room itself is quite extraordinary.


Another example of how taking something largely conventional and doing something just slightly unusual with its shape and transform a radiator into a work of art in its own right. Just a little imagination can transform a radiator into a central focus point for the entire room.

Bathroom Bliss

Confirmation that even a humble bathroom towel heater doesn’t in fact have to be humble at all. Not only does the classic white colour work beautifully with the bold and bright walls and furniture, but the relatively simple adjustment to the shape of the radiator’s bars transforms it into something both rare and exquisite.

Future Focused

Last but not least, the way in which contemporary radiators are being designed and manufactured with the home of the future in mind is nothing short of extraordinary. This particular example of that clearly future-focused radiator absolutely dominates its surroundings, though once again does so by way of little more than a creative take on a conventional shape. Radiators are increasingly being designed these days with a wide variety of optional, changeable and upgradeable complementary design features such as lighting and LED displays, giving us just the smallest glimpse of what to expect in years and decades to come.

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