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Should you Heat your Whole Home or just the Room you’re in?

Heating Your Home

The weather has noticeably turned a little cooler and the evenings are closing in, the first thing on your mind is can you get away with just heating one room in your home. In the short term, it saves a lot of money and seems an ideal strategy for keeping warm this winter. This is a query we see a lot at this time of year, so we thought it would be useful to see if you should heat your whole home or just the room you’re in.

What sort of heating do you have?

Before you consider heating just one room or your whole home, you should first take into account the kind of heating you have. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is your home heated by mains gas?
  • What is the age of your boiler?
  • How draughty is your home?

Where do you spend your time?

Some of us work away from home, whilst some of us either work from home or are retired, bringing up children etc and spend much of the day in the house.  If you work away from home you may not be overly concerned if the house is colder during the day but you may want to ensure you have a timer set to start heating the house about an hour before you return.

If you work from home, perhaps just heating your work room, whether that is your lounge or a different designated space, might be enough.  If you are at home with small children or retired can you still only heat one area to save on energy costs? These are all great questions to ask yourself when considering the best way to heat your room this winter.

Advantages to heating just one room

Heating one room, particularly if you have electric radiators can offer you a great reduction on your energy bills.  Kitchens are potentially rooms that do not need heating, after all you are moving around when your are in there, getting food ready or making a drink.  Cooking will generate heat anyway.  Rooms that you are likely to be sat still in maybe the ones to target, as you will be cooler when you are not moving around. Obviously only heating one space is cheaper than heating lots of spaces, but read on to see why that might not always be the best solution.

Disadvantages to heating just one room

If you only heat one space there are potential disadvantages you need to be aware of.  If there are particularly cold areas in the house, or you have central heating but do not use it in favour of spot room heating, there is a chance that your pipes can freeze.  This is a potentially expensive issue and will require a professional to sort.  You will also find it cold when moving from one room to the other, but some people find this acceptable.  In some cases, older people or those with health issues may be better off in a house that maintains a constant warmer temperature throughout.  It could cause problems for them to suddenly change from heat to cold etc.  In this case, electric radiators in more than one room, if you do not have central heating, can be a great cost effective means to heating your home.

Using electric radiators to heat your home efficiently

If you are using electric radiators you are making a great energy efficient choice, but to ensure that you are doing the best you can, make sure you check out heaters with thermostats and timers as this increases the efficiency.  Remember the basics of working with not against your heating and consider draught excluders and heavy curtains over doorways and windows, keep doors closed to trap the heat in the space you are heating and consider having rugs on hard floors as this all helps to retain heat. Whatever you decide we hope this article gives you the best information to empower your choices.

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