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The Perfect Radiators for Home Improvement/Extension Projects

House Extensions

If you have been thinking about undertaking a rather adventurous home improvement project, chances are one consideration has you more concerned than others. It’s one thing to go about an extension or conversion effort, but what about the small matter of extending the home’s heating system into your new rooms?

Unsurprisingly, getting to grips with a home plumbing system in order to extend it to new rooms or areas can be extremely complicated, time consuming and expensive. Nevertheless, it’s important for obvious reasons to ensure that the additional living spaces are sufficiently heated, meaning that you may reach the conclusion that you have little choice but to go ahead with the plumbing extension.

Or do you?

A Simple Solution

Electric space heaters have always been options when it comes to these kinds of projects. Unfortunately, they have also been less than ideal solutions, given a lack of efficiency and comparatively high running costs. After all, the last thing you want is a heating solution so inefficient that you’re afraid to use it.

Which is precisely where our Electric Radiators come into the equation, which effectively take everything you think you know about electric heating and turn it upside down. We’ve worked hard to develop state of the art heaters that combine all the benefits of affordable home heating with the convenience of traditional electric space heaters.

First of all, you don’t need to worry about getting them installed in the first place. Even if you only have a relatively modest DIY background, chances are you will find it incredibly simple to install our Slimline Digital Electric Radiators.  It’s simply a case of mounting them to the wall of your choosing and hooking them up to the electricity supply.

We also offer quite simply the slimmest and lightest electric radiators you’ll come across today, which measure as little as 60mm in thickness. And as they’re incredibly light, you’ll also have the freedom to install them pretty much anywhere you like, without having to worry about the strength of the wall.

Silent Nights

Our Electric Radiators are perfectly suited to extension projects designed to create additional sleeping areas, offering beautifully silent running at all times. In addition, as you’re able to control them independently from the rest of your home’s heating systems, you’re able to activate them only when the room they occupy is being used – no wasted energy.

Speaking of which, extensive testing has shown that our unique Electric Radiators have the potential to save you no less than 50% on your heating bills, when compared to conventional radiators and heaters. As such, you might want to think about making the switch across your home as a whole, rather than just your extension.

Last but not least, with a comprehensive collection featuring six sizes from 500W to 2000W, we’ve got exactly the right Electric Radiators to suit every home improvement project flawlessly. Affordable, easy to install, beautifully elegant and energy-efficient – what more could you ask for?

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