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Tips For Heating A Student House In Winter


Whether it’s a fight over the thermostat, poor insulation or a dodgy boiler that the landlord has repeatedly promised to fix, keeping warm in a student house over the winter months can be a nightmare. However, you don’t need deep pockets to keep out the cold as these simple ideas for staying warm will show you.

Fill a hot water bottle


When extra layers just aren’t enough a trusty hot water bottle is a great way to stop you feeling like a block of ice as you hunker down with the TV or a book for the evening. Of course they also come in handy when it’s time for bed. Simply fill up from the kettle and place under your sheets for 10 minutes before climbing in to feel the maximum benefit. 

Shut out the draughts

A good pair of heavy curtains can really make a difference when trying to stop heat escaping from a chilly room, especially if you’re windows have only got single glazing. Keeping doors closed is also a simple but effective tip, even if it can seem a little antisocial in a shared student space. Draught excluders are a good investment too. If you don’t have one, a rolled up towel can work just as well at the bottom of a door. 

Invite friends over

Inviting friends round for the evening is a great way to stay warm and save money. Put on a film, play computer games or just have a good old fashioned chitchat. Hot drinks, hot food and duvets are guaranteed to keep things toasty, especially if you can pick a room and stick to it. 

Cook a hot dinner

Warm food is essential as the cold nights draw in so why not make the most of all that heat you created when you cooked your dinner? Leaving the kitchen door open can create a warm flow of air to keep the temperature comfortable, especially if your living room is next door. Just 10-15 minutes of exercise can really make a difference when you’re feeling cold, so clearing away and washing up afterwards is a great way to stay active and keep your house feeling cosy.  

Plug in an electric radiator

There’s nothing worse than trying to drop off to sleep in a cold bedroom. An electric radiator can bring instant heat to any space but can also be set to come on at a low heat for 20-30 minutes before bedtime. 



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