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Transition to Spring With Electric Radiators


Spring is meant to be the time of year when the weather is warming up. Evenings are just a little longer but the weather can still turn at any moment. There’s little point in running the entire central heating system just to warm up the house. What can you do to keep the chill off in early spring? Electric radiators are a smart and affordable solution.

Electric Radiators are Portable

Being so lightweight and only requiring a plug socket to work, electric radiators are a great solution for spot heating the home.  Because temperatures are generally on the up, the house doesn’t feel so cold overall, so moving around in the day you probably don’t notice a chill or feel cold.  In the evenings if you are sat watching television you might find that you still get cold.  You can take a free standing electric radiator with you as you move around the home, from the living room to the bedroom or even to the conservatory to enjoy the last of the light.  Don’t forget that the clocks go forward in the UK at the end of March so there will soon be more light to enjoy in the evenings.

A Source of Instant Heat

The great advantage of electric radiators is that you do not have to wait for them to warm up. As soon as you turn them on they get to work providing a good level of heat for the room, which is one of the reasons they are so perfect for spot heating.  You can leave them off until you really notice the chill, and then with a quick flick of the switch, they are offering a lovely heat for your room.  This makes them one of the most cost effective ways to heat a room.

Timer and Thermostat Controls

If you are out at work but still finding the rooms too chilly when you first get home, you can programme your electric radiator to come on 5 minutes before you are due to walk in the door.  You can then walk into a lovely warm space without having to have the whole central heating system on for the benefit of a couple of rooms.  Using the thermostat also means that the electric radiator will only switch on if the temperature reaches the low setting, so you will not be wasting energy heating a room that doesn’t need it.  If you are out all day and the weather decided to be more spring like one day, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will not spend a penny of heating as the radiator simply will not come on.

Electric radiators are so cost effective and easy to use, it really does make sense to consider them as the perfect transition heating for the spring.  We think they make the best solution for the whole year as they are so versatile.  Don’t forget from an aesthetics point of view they can also be wall mounted if you prefer and really add to the look of a room.



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