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Update the Look of Your Heating System with Electric Radiators

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Updating your home is no small task, especially if you plan to undertake major renovations. What can make your home look outdated is your heating system. If you’re going for a sleek, modern finish in your home, clunky old radiators can ruin the look. Many homeowners are now open to the possibility of using electric heaters to heat their homes, rather than gas central heating.

Enjoy modern applications as well as style

Modern electric radiators are a far cry from the old style of electric radiators with dials with fiddly settings. Models such as the Slimline Curve include a digital thermometer and even wifi connectivity. Electric radiators now not only look amazing, they fit in with your busy lifestyle and work with your technology. If you want to remotely control your heating, simply use your phone when connected to wifi.

Easy installation

Installing a whole new central heating system can mean a lot of mess, hassle and even risk leaks. Not only that, a new boiler can quickly suck up much of your renovation budget. If you are only planning on staying in your home for a short period, electric radiators are a fraction of the cost of installing a whole new heating system. Electric radiators also don’t need specialist skills or knowledge for installation. All you need are basic DIY skills, a drill and the parts that come with the radiator.

Surprisingly good on the electricity bills

Electric radiators still hold a reputation as being more expensive than gas. However as technology has moved on, you will be surprised to see that electric radiators can help curb your electricity bills. Electricity is now also a cleaner fuel thanks to many green energy initiatives throughout the UK. As many coal power stations will soon to be decommissioned, you may be heating your home with green energy.

Sleek radiators for your bathrooms too!

We also offer electric towel rails which are the perfect addition to a bathroom. This is a lovely option for a new bathroom, especially where you may want to make more use of vertical space for your towels. A heated towel rail is not only a point of luxury (warm fluffy towels!) it can help keep the room warm, especially in winter. These heated towel rails also come with the option of programming, meaning you can set the radiator to a certain temperature at a specific time of day. No more cold bathrooms in winter, or stuffy bathrooms in summer.

Heat every corner of your home

If you’ve recently had an extension added to your home, electric radiators are a superb option for heating it. Attic and basement spaces are often rooms that lack heating (and could really benefit from it.) Simply instal an electric radiator and leave the setting to come on when the room hits a certain temperature. This means the electric radiator only comes on when you need it and can help keep issue with damp at bay in your home.


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