Why invest in an electric radiator central heating system from Best Electric Radiators?

Best Electric Radiators

Before investing in an electric radiator you will want to know all the possible benefits including why you should make your purchase from one supplier to another.  Our company name ‘Best Electric Radiators’ reflects the advantages of our electric radiators to the rest of the products in the market place.

1.  Efficiency.  Home heating bills are usually one of the biggest outgoings for any household therefore finding the most cost effective heating solution is priority for anyone looking to save money.  Best Electric Radiators produce both convention heat and radiated heat which maximises the amount of heat released into your home.  They also have a ingenious inbuilt technology called ‘Intelligent Control System’ (ICS) which constantly monitors and regulates the room temperature to within 0.5 degrees to prevent energy wastage and help reduce your heating bill.  

2.  Price.  If you search the internet for electric radiators it is unlikely that you will find a similar looking product for the same price or lower.  Being an experienced internet based company with no physical shop outlet we can pass on the best prices to our customers.  Our electric radiators start from only £169 including VAT and UK Delivery.  Call 01423 733000 for a FREE Quotation.

3.  Design.  Our Electric Radiators have been styled by experienced radiator designers to fit seamlessly into your home décor and surroundings.  They are slimline and attractive to the eye and help to complement your home.  

4.  Heat Type.  Our electric radiators produce a combination of convected and radiated heat.  The convected heat is emitted from the top of the radiator whilst the radiated heat is produced from the outer aluminium casing.

5.  Heat Delivery.  The Slimline Digital electric radiator has been designed to channel heat directly into your room rather than straight up the wall.  The air vent at the top is positioned purposely to heat your whole room and not just your walls!  This feature also prevents blackening or staining of walls over time.

6.  Safety.  All our electric radiators include a built-in safety mechanism to prevent overheating.  They also include a thermostat locking device to stop any tampering of the settings once programmed!

7.  Controllability.  Our electric radiators can be programmed 7 days a week / 24 hours a day.  This important feature allows you to control your heating precisely to fit with your life style thus maximising efficiency while minimising wastage.  A simple solution but VERY effective!

8.  Silent.  The vast majority of electric radiators on the UK market will radiate some kind of noise whether it be a whirring of an electric fan or the clicking on and off of the thermostat.  At Best Electric Radiators we use a Triac cut-off control system which includes a cut-off element composed of silica to prevent noise generation.

9.  Simple to Install.  Each electric radiator includes a wall mounting bracket.  With basic DIY skills you will find it a 5-10 minute job to secure your new electric radiator to the wall.

10.  Next Day Free Delivery.  When shopping online we all want a fast free delivery service ,…and that’s precisely what we offer!

11.  Customer Service.  Providing excellent customer service is priority to our company.  Whether you just want advice on electric radiator sizing or perhaps the best way to set your electric radiator thermostat, we are always here to provide you with full support.  Just read our customer reviews!

Contact us on 01423 733000 to discuss your electric radiator requirements or browse our product range HERE!

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