Why switch from Storage Heaters to Electric Radiators?

Storage Heaters

Many UK homeowners live in dwellings where electricity is their only source of fuel.  As a result heating the home as efficiently as possible is the number one priority but which is the best solution?

Traditionally storage heaters were the best electric option by using a cheaper electric supply during the night (economy 7) and delivering the stored heat throughout the day.  The concept was perfect but the reality was far from it as each storage heater would consume huge volumes of economy 7 and deliver heat throughout the daytime with limited controllability.  Most storage heater owners also find that their heaters have run out of heat by the evening when they most need it! As a result electric storage heaters become a financial burden for many homeowners leading to the race to find an alternative cost effective electric heating solution.

With any form of heating (including electric) it is absolutely essential to limit wastage which in turn reduces your energy bills.  Electric radiators were traditionally associated with expensive heating bills however technology has improved significantly over recent years giving rise to a much improved energy efficient heating source.  Improvements to the accuracy of the digitally controlled thermostat helps convert electricity to heat as efficiently as possible.  The delivery of heat is also controlled by an ingenious technology known as ‘Intelligent Temperature Control System’ which distributes heat efficiently and accurately thus reducing electricity consumption.  With our electric radiators running costs can be as low as 2 pence an hour!

There are many additional benefits to electric radiators:

• Ultra slimline design
• Lightweight high grade aluminium
• Quick connection – plug in, press the ‘ON’ button and select the desired temperature
• Fully programmable digital thermostat
• Extra silence compared to other forms of electric heating
• Easy to install
• Optional foot support
• Safety cut out system to prevent overheating

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