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Slimline Digital Electric Radiator

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From:£199.00(Incl. VAT)

The Slimline Digital Dry-Technology Electric Radiator is our best-selling energy efficient wall mounted electric radiator heater.  The Slimline Digital is an outstanding electric radiator including several unique benefits:

  • Energy Efficient - Save up to 50% on your heating bill
  • Stylish ultra slimline design - only 60mm
  • Extra silent compared to other forms of electric heating
  • Fully programmable digital thermostatic timer (24hours/7days)
  • Directional air vent to guide heat into your room & prevent wall discolouration
  • Lightweight high grade aluminium for fast heat delivery
  • Quick Connection - includes 1 metre cable, 13amp plug & wall mounting brackets
  • Anti-frost mode to prevent temperatures falling below 5 degrees
  • Safety cut out system to prevent overheating
  • Long-life battery saving capacity to protect timer and programme when switched off
  • Wifi Adaptable - please contact us for more details
  • 6 size options from 500W to 2000W
  • Over 25,000 units sold to date - reliable, robust with excellent performance
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Energy Efficient Electric Central Heating System

The Slimline Digital electric radiator is stylish, slim and 100% controllable and can be used throughout the home to provide a cost effective and energy efficient central heating solution. It is one of the slimmest electric radiators available at only 60mm with a fully programmable digital thermostat to give maximum control. The fully controllable digital thermostat includes the latest temperature control management system ‘Intelligent Control System’ (ICS) to help save up to 50% on your heating bills!

Start saving on your heating bill now
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100% Silent

The Slimline Digital electric radiator is silent during operation. Unlike many electric radiators it uses a Triac cut-off control system which includes a cut-off element composed of silica to prevent noise generation.

Start enjoying a good nights sleep
Simple installation

Easy Installation

Wall mounting your Slimline Digital electric radiator is quick and simple and can be achieved with minimal DIY skills (wall brackets included). Optional leg supports will give you the flexibility to position your radiator where you most need the heat.

The Slimline Digital includes a 1metre flex/cable with a UK 3 pin electric socket. To operate the electric radiator simply plug into a standard electric wall socket and switch the ‘on’ button – it really is that simple!

Improve your heating quickly and easily

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Size Options

Slimline Digital Electric Radiator Size Guide

Wattage Guide

Size Wattage

*The wattage guide above should only be used as a guide to calculating your radiator requirements.

For assistance selecting the correct radiator size please contact us on 01423 733000 or email

To view each radiator size please CLICK on the product image below.

Price List

Wattage Room Size by Insulation Dimensions
Width x Height x Depth
Weight Remote Control Price Select Qty
Low High
Slimline Digital 500Watt Electric Radiator




460mm x 582mm x 60mm



£199.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 750Watt Electric Radiator




540mm x 582mm x 60mm



£229.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 1000Watt Electric Radiator




628mm x 582mm x 60mm



£259.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 1250Watt Electric Radiator




780mm x 582mm x 60mm



£289.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 1500Watt Electric Radiator




948mm x 582mm x 60mm



£319.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 2000Watt Electric Radiator




1100mm x 582mm x 60mm



£379.00 (Incl. VAT)


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    A brilliant super slim electric heater!
    Review by Johnny&Sue(on 19/07/2016)
    My wife and I were tired of wasting so much money on LPG so we were advised to switch to electric when we upgraded our house. The slimline digital is a fantastically smart radator will all the programming modes you could ever want. It is also appears to be considerably cheaper than that retched LPG! The step by step guide provided was totally idiot proof and only took a matter of minutes to master. Very impressive customer service topped off the whole experience. Congratulations on running such a well oiled company, You fully deserve all the positive comments and we have already recommended to our neighbours, family and friends!
  • Quality
    After sales service
    Review by Sandra(on 02/06/2016)
    Special thanks go to James who could not have been more helpful, even sending me an email on a bank holiday, James also talked me through how to set the programme and displayed the utmost patience to get it all set up. He is most helpful. We are delighted with the radiator from an appearance point of view, as it is very neat & slimline, also very silent. Would use this company again should we require more electric radiators.
  • Service
    Brilliant radiators, very quiet, very happy
    Review by Alisom(on 25/03/2016)
    Great customer service, great radiators, very happy and would definitely recommend the product- we have the slimline digital radiators
  • Service
    First Rate After-Sale Service
    Review by Christopher(on 12/03/2016)
    This will be an unusual review as the item we received first had a problem. It wasn't a straightforward "not working" or "damaged" problem but, rather, it made a loudish ticking noise when heating up that made it unsuitable for its intended use in a bedroom. As soon as I reported it, I was contacted by James and even a request for an out-of-hours phone call was not a problem. We talked through the problem and James was totally reassuring that my satisfaction was guaranteed and the issue would be resolved. It could not be resolved by altering the settings and, once a technician listened to the noise, it was diagnosed that the radiator must have been damaged in transit. A replacement was issued that we are delighted with. It really lives up to its "near silent" accolade and I would recommend it for bedroom use. The 2 kW version heats up our large (20 square metre), draughty attic bedroom beautifully. Just what we wanted. I wish we had bought one years ago.
  • Service
    Wow cannot believe my luck finding your amazing product
    Review by June Milton(on 29/02/2016)
    Having instant heat at your finger tips is so comforting, especially when you are caring for someone. I haven't put any of them on a programme as it suits me to control them manually. They are very smart and slim, silent and blend into the decor. They are very economical to run .
    Like to thank James for all his help and advice; having to take the responsibility of this purchase he was very informative and helpful. Thank you June M.
  • Service
    Smitten with these radiators
    Review by Gigi(on 27/02/2016)
    Ok, so, if anyone had told me that I might get all happy and enthusiastic about radiators, I'd have given them one of my famous funny looks, and shrugged my shoulders, as we have gas central heating, right? What could possibly go wrong? Well, microbore heating systems are a pain, so are blocked half or not at all working radiators, plumbing expense, and massive gas bills, paying for radiators that you daren't turn off in case it means another blocked one. So, finally giving in to the idea of precision controllable electric heating, without repiping, without mess, without crazy financial outlay and having economic green heating exactly where and when we want it, and doing loads of research and having visits from umpteen sales reps trying to sell us ceramic core radiators for a fortune, well, I found these radiators. Did more research, showed the husband, who did his own research, too, just to make sure, and bingo, we tried one. And now, we have more. Because we're in love with these things. Super responsive to straightforward temperature settings in half degree steps, totally silent, odorless, heaven. We prefer to use them manually, not pre-programme them, just because that suits us better with chaotic routines. But the programme options are so varied for those who like them, well, it totals up to radiator perfection. And they are quick to warm up the room, with a pleasant, natural warmth. Instructions: Go in the living room, turn on, shut the door, go and make a cup of tea, return to a warm room. Repeat with as many rooms you like. And thanks for the lovely service, James and co.
  • Service
    Toasty house
    Review by House proud(on 04/01/2016)
    What a difference it makes to the home: toasty. I am glad that I don't have to bother with gas central heating.
  • Service
    Fantastic service
    Review by jon(on 18/11/2015)
    Does exactly as it says on the tin. Easy installation, no noise, easy to operate and keeps my office lovely and warm.
  • Service
    Good service
    Review by Paul(on 30/10/2015)
    Very pleasant telephone order. Polite and Professional. Prompt delivery as promised.
  • Service
    Superb product! highly recommended.
    Review by Lorraine Williams(on 30/10/2015)
    We are extremely happy with our Slimline Digital 2000Watt Electric Radiator. The service I got was superb and by the end of my conversation with James I found out he was the owner of the company, this speaks volumes you don't hear often these days of management speaking to their clients. From ordering I had my new radiator delivered the next day. We are delighted with the product not only does it look great in the room but it does the job it is supposed to do very efficiently. We will certainly recommend this company without any hesitations to our friends and family. Thank you!

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