Electric Towel Rails

Choose the best towel rail for you.
Affinity Curve Electric Towel Rail Chrome 1 6 min
Affinity Curve Electric Towel Rail Chrome 1 6 min
Classic Chrome Electric Towel Rail
Classic Chrome Electric Towel Rail
Electric Towel Rails
Electric Towel Rails
Affinity Curve Electric Towel Rail Chrome

Best electrically heated towel rails that are stylish, programmable, space-efficient, and easy to install

Replace your old bathroom radiator with an electric heated towel rail and enjoy warm towels all year long whilst continuing to heat your bathroom. Save time and money using our precision programming, so your towel rail only comes on when you want it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like all electric radiators, our electric ladder towel rails can be preprogrammed to provide heat only when you need it, and can be turned off and on at the flick of a switch. This makes them a far more cost-effective option compared to traditional gas radiators.

It depends on the size of your room. For an average bathroom of 2.3m x 2.7m you would need between 2103 to 2501 BTU/hr. To find the exact BTU for your bathroom, use this BTU calculator.

Electric towel rails can be turned off and on at the flick of a switch, and can be further programmed to come on only when you need them. While they may cost more if used for the same amount of time as your central heating, they are considerably cheaper and use much less electricity because they only come on at select times.

Make sure to select the correct wattage size for your living space. We recommend 100w per m2 and would advise you to carefully consider the physical size of the radiator to ensure it will fit on your available wall space.

For bathrooms in particular, we don’t recommend going below 100 watts of heat output. We also always advise that if your wattage falls between two sizes of radiators you should opt for the bigger radiator to ensure you’ve definitely got the right heat and don’t have to waste time returning your unit.

Electric towel rails are extremely effective not only at drying your towels and heating your bathroom, but at killing off moisture and mildew that formulates on damp towels, ensuring your towel remains clean and cosy.

Yes, though doing so will eventually reduce the lifespan of your radiator. We advise switching the radiator on and off as needed, or utilising the remote control capability which will allow you to set a heating programme to your specific needs. Alternatively, you can fit a timer to the power socket so the rail is warm when you need it.

Typically a towel rail offers less heat than a standard radiator. However, as long as you have the correct size rail to fit your space you should have no problem heating your bathroom with just an electric towel rail.

Towel warmers are incredibly safe and there is no risk of them overheating. A rail that puts out 100w, for example, cannot produce more than 100w and therefore will not overheat. All our models are IP rated, both for standard element and remote control programmable element, so you can rest assured your chosen rail is completely safe.

Simply fold them lengthways and hang them between the bars on your heated rail. Try to avoid over-stuffing the towel rails to make sure each towel is making full contact with the bars.

No, electric rails require no plumbing as they create heat from electricity only.

Of course! As per the above question, there is no chance of overheating of any kind and heated towel rails are a great way to quickly dry your wet clothes.

To install your towel rail, you can drill it into your bathroom wall. Simply fit the support anchors and, once complete, hook the rail onto them. If you’re looking to hide any wires away, you can hard wire your towel rail into your bathroom’s electricity. Please note that this must be done by a professional electrician.

What is an Electric Towel Rail?

Whether you’re looking to maximise space, heat with efficiency or treat yourself to toasty warm towels every time you step out of the shower, look no further than our electric towel rails.

Our electric rails come in a range of sleek designs that will slot right into your existing aesthetic and so you can reclaim your space. Each unit can also be controlled remotely, is completely programmable to your unique weekly schedule, and is made to save you money on over-the-top energy bills.

Enjoy a ten-year guarantee on your next electric towel rail, which can be set up in a matter of minutes without the need for a difficult installation or additional plumbing.

Types of Towel Radiators

There are three ways of heating your towel radiator – via a central heating system, duel fuel or electricity.

By linking your towel radiator to your central heating, you sacrifice the ability to heat your towels when your central heating is switched off, so you won’t always have warm cosy towels when you want them. Similarly, duel fuel heating also relies on central heating but can also use electricity to heat the rail separately.

Fully electric heated towel rails are completely powered by your mains electricity, so you enjoy the best of both worlds: a warm and cosy bathroom all year round without the need to heat your entire house. Electric towel radiators are the easiest to install, the easiest to use, and offer the most heating control compared to duel or central heating powered alternatives.

Factors to consider when choosing a towel radiator

Consider the following point when selecting a towel radiator for your bathroom:

  • Size: Choose a radiator that will adequately heat your bathroom. You can calculate the exact wattage you need using our handy calculator.
  • Fuel type: From gas to electric, it’s important to consider how you want to fuel your radiator. Gas boilers will be slowly phased out in the coming years as part of the UK government’s net-zero target, so it makes sense to purchase greener electric radiators to ensure your home is future-proofed.
  • Safety features: Our towel rails come with a plethora of safety features – from overheating prevention to automatically switching off once the desired temperature has been reached to surface control that stops the unit being too hot to touch. Make sure your chosen unit is built with safety in mind.
  • Noise: We’re all aware of the bangs and clangs that come from older gas heaters through the night – noises that are the last thing you want to hear as you’re settling in for a relaxing bath or shower. By comparison, our electric heaters are 100% silent.

The best electric towel radiators for your bathroom

Our modern electric towel rails offer precise programming to heat your towels up to the perfect temperature at the exact moment you need them, with no electricity wasted in the meantime. And they’re not just built for comfort – each unit is purposely designed to slot seamlessly into your existing bathroom aesthetic, so you never have to sacrifice on style.

Finally, each towel radiator comes in a handy ladder design that offers you as much hanging area as possible – all while remaining sleek and subtle enough to fit into even the smallest of bathrooms.

Key features:

  • 24/7 Programmable: Whatever your daily schedule looks like, you can programme your bathroom heating around it. Have it come on before you wake up or come home from work, so you never have to wait for your ideal heat.
  • Slim, Stylish Design: Our compact towel radiators are designed to fit almost anywhere. Even the smallest bathrooms have space for our electric towel radiators. Our luxurious ladder towel rails come in stainless steel or anthracite, making them a stylish addition to any family bathroom.
  • Even Heat Coverage: Every corner of your room is heated to the same temperature, with no more cold spots or hard to heat areas. Say goodbye to patchy heating and say hello to even coverage wherever you are.
  • Individually Controlled: Want your downstairs towel radiator on in the mornings and your upstairs towel rail warmed up for the evening? Our units can be individually controlled for total heat customisation. Your towel radiators no longer have to follow the same heating schedule.
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency: All our units are designed with low consumption, energy efficiency in mind. Heat management technology detects changes in temperature and adjusts the heat output accordingly, so you never waste energy again.
  • Simple Installation: While traditional radiator installations are costly, time-consuming and messy, electric towel radiators are typically easier, quicker and cheaper to install.
  • European LOT20 Compliant: Every unit is Lot 20 compliant and comes with a 10-year warranty, so you know you have a unit that is going to continue to deliver for a long time.

Choosing between thermostatic or manual towel rail?

Once you’ve chosen your towel rail, you then have to choose between a thermostatic radiator valve or a traditional manual valve.

Thermostatic radiator valves come with an in-built temperature sensor to make sure your rail reaches, and stays at, your chosen temperature. Manual valves operate a simple on/off twist, which could result in wasted energy, or wasted time as you wait for your towels to warm up.

Benefits of using electric towel rails

Ready to treat yourself to warm towels all year round? Our electric towel radiators are a cheaper, greener and highly customisable alternative to traditional mains radiators.

  1. Convenience: Programme your towel rail to your specific schedule and never waste heat or receive unexpected energy bills ever again with our remote control element option. Your radiator will heat as programmed and not a second more, so you can always enjoy toasty towels. It comes equipped with eco, boost and safety lock features, so you’re always in control.
  2. Energy Efficient: Convert almost all of the electric energy into heat with our innovative towel rail that is as efficient as it is effective. Remotely switch your rail off with ease and say goodbye to wasted energy.
  3. Aesthetic, space-efficient designs: Available in 7 slim and stylish sizes across 4 models, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect electric towel rail for your bathroom – no matter how small your space may be. Our towel radiators come in a range of finishes, from chrome to a cool, contemporary anthracite finish.
  4. Easy to install: Compared to typical radiator installations that have to be fitted to your central heating, electric towel rail installations are quick, easy, and won’t cost you unnecessary time and money.
  5. Safety Guaranteed: All our electric towel radiators are designed so that they will never overheat, no matter how long they’re left on, so you can rest assured that even if you accidentally leave it on all day it’s 100% safe.
  6. Future proof: Every unit is Lot 20 compliant and comes with a 10-year warranty, guaranteeing your unit will be giving you lasting heat for a long time to come.
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