Ceramic Electric Radiators

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Ceramic Electric RadiatorsCeramic Electric Radiators
Ceramic Electric Radiators
Fit best electric radiators
Fit best electric radiators
Slimline Curve Wifi Electric Radiator
Slimline Curve Wifi Electric Radiator
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Ceramic Electric Radiators

An easy-to-install electric radiator, that feels just like central heating

Modern ceramic electric radiators offer an energy-efficient heating solution for your home. Our ceramic heater will slot seamlessly into any room, thanks to its simple, sleek design: just choose your spot, plug it in and bask in the long-lasting heat.

Our electric ceramic radiator has a built-in Intelligent Control System so you can heat each room to the perfect temperature, conserving energy and minimising your energy bill. Look no further if you want an environmentally friendly, stylish and affordable replacement for your central heating.

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The slimmest electric radiators in the UK

Do you feel like your gas central heating is old, clunky and not very environmentally friendly? Or maybe you feel like your energy bills just keep on rising, even though you’re using the same amount of fuel?

Fortunately, there’s now a real alternative to cheap, inefficient space heaters and high electric bills. 

Energy efficient, lasting heat

Our Comfort Control electric radiator offers the same kind of heat as your traditional central heating.

When you pass an electrical current through a heating element that’s embedded within a ceramic core, the radiator stays warmer for longer than an oil-filled or aluminium model. 

Ceramic radiators are also easier to recycle than oil-filled radiators, making them an altogether greener heating solution. 

They can be wall mounted with only basic DIY skills and tools, or use our additional feet you need a freestanding electric radiator. Once installed, the easy-to-use inbuilt digital controls on our ceramic heater give you the choice between ready to heat programmes or bespoke schedules you can set to your exact requirements. 

Thanks to its TRIAC control system our ceramic electric radiator is 100% silent, making it the perfect choice for your living room, office or nursery.

Choosing the perfect radiator for your home

Before you buy, take a moment to consider our other radiators. These don’t have a ceramic core so they heat up and cool down more quickly, making them a good choice for homeowners who want to have absolute control over the temperature inside their house.

The best place to buy

We don’t stock reams and reams of electric ceramic radiators. We know the best one on the market and we just sell that. Simple. Teamed with the long-term support you’ll get from our UK-based telephone support team and our commitment to giving you the very best price, you can see why our happy customers give us 5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

To view our full range of products, vist our electric radiators section.

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