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Electric Bathroom Radiators
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Electric Bathroom Radiators

A modern bathroom essential

Electric bathroom radiators heat your bathroom and dry your towels, as well as offering a handy storage space for them. No more damp towels in the morning, no chilly showers in winter and say goodbye to towels hanging up to dry over the back of your bedroom door.

Just perfectly warm, dry towels, every time you step out of the bath or the shower – and a bathroom that’s always at the right temperature, thanks to the latest heating technology.

Choose the remote control option for complete command of your electric bathroom radiator. It gives you the ability to set a seven-day programme that matches your schedule and turns the radiator on and off when you want to, at whatever temperature you set.

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Why electric radiators for your bathroom?

Do you feel like it’s time to move away from gas central heating? Away from boilers that let you down, leaving you without heating or hot water? Away from ever-increasing bills, annual safety checks and an energy source that damages the planet?

You’re not alone. Spurred on by new emissions targets, more and more homeowners in the UK are looking for alternatives. You might think that most people rely on old-fashioned gas central heating, but in actual fact in 2020 only 85% of homeowners still do: 15% are already making the switch, and are looking for more cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions to heating their house.

Electric bathroom radiators: the answer for 21st century homes

Electric heating is proving to be one of their favourite options: easy to install and to maintain, better for the environment and better for your wallet – as well as offering complete control over your heating system. No more heating every room in the house unnecessarily – and no more coming home early, to a cold home. Just the same radiant heat that gas central heating offers, but with every room individually programmed to the perfect temperature, 24/7.

The lack of control you have over gas central heating means it’s particularly ill-suited to bathrooms. How many times in the summer do you have your central heating switched off, only to find your towel still damp the next morning?

It’s the same story in the middle of winter, when many of us want a long bath in the evening but your towel is still wet from your morning shower – getting a clean, dry one every time can leave you with piles and piles of towels in use.

Bathroom electric radiators: the best choice for your bathroom

While replacing your entire heating system is the best option in the long term, installing an additional electric bathroom radiator is a good first step.

That way you can heat your bathroom and dry your towels, without the need to have the rest of your central heating on. It’s an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution.

Your safety is our priority

Choose between standard or programmable elements

Whether you choose our Classic Chrome or Contemporary Chrome model, you can select between a:

  • standard element: this type of element means the temperature is preset, but can be used together with a suitably rated (CD-VR) fitted into your electric supply circuit, which will allow you control over the temperature of your radiator. Radiators with a standard element have an   rating, suitable for zones 1 and 2 of your bathroom.
  • remote control programmable element: choosing this type of element means you can set a seven-day programme and switch your bathroom radiator on and off when you want, at whatever temperature you choose. Eco, boost and safety lock features are included, and the manual override gives you total flexibility. Radiators with a remote control programmable element have an IPX4 rating, suitable for zones 1 and 2 of your bathroom.

Easy to install by a qualified electrician

All electrical appliances fitted in bathrooms must be installed by a certified professional and hard-wired into your electrical supply system, rather than use a plug socket.

So book an appointment with your electrician, who’ll be able to fit your electric radiator quickly and easily in your bathroom – just pass the product manual onto them, to ensure a safe, futureproof fitting. All the fixtures and fittings you’ll need are supplied.

Find the right wattage for your room

It can be tricky knowing which electric radiator you need to fully heat your bathroom. Visit the help & advice section on our website to see what wattage you should choose, given the size of your room and the type of insulation you have.

Best Electric Radiators: the #1 choice

You won’t find a large and confusing range of electric bathroom radiators on our website. We make what we think are the two best models on the market and that’s all we sell, in a range of sizes and styles to suit every bathroom. Our products are exclusive to Best Electric Radiators, so you won’t find them on sale at any other UK retailer.

Best for customer service

We’re known for the warmth of our radiators… and our customer service! Don’t just take our word for it though: our happy customers rated us 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Seven-day a week UK telephone support team

Buying new radiators is a big decision that requires expert guidance. Our UK-based telephone support team are here seven days a week to help you select your electric bathroom radiator.

And we guarantee that the same UK team will be on the end of the phone to support you with installation and to answer any maintenance questions, no matter how much time has passed since you bought your electric radiator.

Free 48 hour UK delivery

Once you’ve chosen your bathroom electric radiator it’ll be with you in no time. Order before 11am to qualify for our free 48-hour delivery service – we’ll even aim for a specific one hour time slot for it to reach your door, so you can make the most of your day.

Our warranties give you total peace of mind

We want everyone who buys from us to have total peace of mind: that’s why we offer a 10-year warranty on the body of all our bathroom electric radiators, and a 2-year warranty on the electrical parts.

Best for price

You won’t see the crazy prices you see on some other websites here: we think upwards of £800 is far too much to pay for poor quality and poorly made models. We know that our electric radiators are the best ones out there – and with prices starting at just £179 they’re the most fairly priced too.

And the savings don’t end there. You’ll be able to wave goodbye to sky-high gas and electric bills caused by old, inefficient central heating.

European LOT20 Compliant, designed and made in the EU

Our customers are eco-conscious types … and so are we. Our bathroom electric radiators are fully compliant with European LOT20 eco-design requirements, for maximum energy efficiency. Unlike some smart electric heaters on sale in the UK, our bathroom electric radiators are designed and manufactured in the EU to the highest EU standards to provide exceptional build quality and peace of mind.

Ready to transform your bathroom?

Choose your bathroom radiator today or call our expert support team on 01423 733 000 if you’d like more information or advice about which model to buy.

To view our full range of products, vist our electric radiators section.

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To heat your 2 , you need a minimum wattage of w.

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This product is fully Lot 20 EcoDesign compliant – meeting the EU’s efficiency standard. Our Intelligent Control System ensures this product minimises wasted energy.

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