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slimline electric radiatorsslimline electric radiators
slimline electric radiators
Fit best electric radiators
Fit best electric radiators
Slimline Curve Wifi Electric Radiator
Slimline Curve Wifi Electric Radiator
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slimline electric radiators

An energy-saving heater that brings a slim, modern look to your home

Slim electric radiators present a stylish and attractive alternative to traditional heating solutions. Not only do they cut out the headaches of plumbing by plugging directly into your mains supply, they also save space and can also be positioned anywhere you like in your home.

As an eco-friendly option, slim electric radiators are swiftly replacing traditional heating methods such as gas central heating and night storage heaters – not only because they have a much slimmer design but because they present a far more controllable and economical solution to heating your home.

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The slimmest electric radiators in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you need, please get in touch and one of your customer service team will be happy to help.

No. Slim electric radiators are extremely cost-efficient. Their inbuilt systems detect when your desired temperature has been reached and automatically switch off. This can lead to impressive costs per hour of 1-2p at 600watts.

No. They are a safe, eco-friendly option. As they use all their electricity for heating, slim electric radiators have zero waste and boast 100% energy efficiency.

Yes, your slim electric radiator is free-standing or wall-mounted, so it can be placed in any room you want. You can also set your radiator to achieve a specific temperature, then switch off once it’s been achieved. This allows you much more flexibility and control over your heating.

Are you tired of your old bulky radiator that takes up valuable space in your home? Do you wish you had a slimmer, less intrusive option?

Are you looking to heat a new extension, small room or garden office while maximising the space available?

Traditional radiators can take up lots of space, are awkward to position and can leave you unsatisfied with the look of your room. By upgrading to a slim electric wall heater, you can get state-of-the-art heating with much more versatility.

A slim, stylish radiator that provides traditional heat

Slim electric radiators combine modern, slim design with fully programmable heat output. They can be plugged directly into the mains, run 100% silent and provide a cost-effective heating solution for your entire home.

Key features:

  • Attractive, slim design
  • Can be placed wherever you like – free-standing or wall-mounted
  • No plumber needed to install
  • Fully controllable
  • Runs 100% silent
  • Provides consistent heat to your entire home

Traditional radiators are old fashioned and bulky

Typical traditional radiators can stick out from your wall by over 6 inches. Sometimes more. In smaller spaces, this can be a big issue as they eat into the available floor space and can limit the ideal positioning of your furniture.

For corridors, entranceways and the downstairs WC they can leave things feeling a lot tighter than you’d like. Not to mention the awkward pipes and the fact that moving them is a huge task that can make a significant dent into your wallet.

Slim electric radiators have a sleek, modern design

The modern homeowner needs a radiator that is unimposing, attractive, and provides excellent heat.

Our slim electric radiators solve this problem. We’ve made sure our products fit naturally into your home with no impact on the quality of your heating. One of the main ways we’ve done this is to make our radiators as slim and stylish as possible, with the Slimline Curve range standing at just 51mm in depth.

Why should I choose a slim electric radiator?

Slim electric radiators are the modern solution to heating a home. The can be placed anywhere in your home and can be walled mounted or freestanding. All you need is somewhere for them to plug into the mains. They have a slim, attractive profile. But most of all, they achieve this without any compromise to the quality of heating or cost-effectiveness. At 600 watts, for instance, they can provide heat for as little as 1-2p per hour.

Which slim electric radiator should I buy?

Our electric radiators are state-of-the-art and exclusive to us. You cannot find them anywhere else.

Take a look at our range:

The Slimline Curve – The UK’s Slimmest radiator

  • Slim, sleek design
  • Plug-in anywhere
  • Instant heat
  • Fully programmable
  • Completely silent operation
  • Five size options (600W – 2000W)
  • Meets the European Energy Directive LOT20
  • Even heat distribution through convection and radiance
  • Directs heat into the room to prevent discolouration of wall and wasted energy
  • ‘Baby-care’ surface temperature control function

Slimline Digital – Over 25,000 sold

  • Slim, sleek design
  • Plug-in anywhere
  • Intelligent Control System
  • Easy-installation instructions
  • Silent operation
  • Five sizes available (600W – 2000W)
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Over 25,000 sold to date
  • Our most affordable radiator

Comfort control – Oil-filled or ceramic

  • Attractive, unimposing designer looks
  • Plug-in anywhere
  • Retains heat for longer
  • Digital thermostat and timer
  • Energy-efficient for lower heating bills
  • Four wattages available (750W – 1800W)
  • 100% silent
  • Easy to wall-mount
  • Feet for freestanding if required

Why should I buy from Best Electric Radiators?

1) We do one thing and we do it well

At Best Electric Radiators we make high quality, stylish electric radiators. Our radiators are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and if you ask us, pretty nice to look at! We believe everyone should have a warm, comfortable home, without compromising on style.

2) Rated 5/5 Stars for Customer Service

Our consistent 5-star reviews have made us the top-rated company for slim electric radiators on Trustpilot.

Our dedicated customer service team is there to answer any of your questions and make your experience as stress-free as possible. Our UK call centre is fully staffed 7 days of the week by trained professionals who can guide you through any problem you encounter.

You can contact us by emailing [email protected] or 01423 733000.

3) Free 48-Hour Delivery

Our goal is to ensure you get your new electric radiator as soon as possible, so you can enjoy your heat without any delays. That’s why we offer free 48-hour delivery on all our electric radiators with the option to upgrade to Next Day Delivery at checkout.

To view our full range of products, vist our electric radiators section.

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