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What are the running costs of Electric Radiators?

Energy Efficiency

Heating your home is one of the most costly outgoings for most folk therefore it is essential that you find a cost effective efficient heating solution for your home.

Heating your home with traditional fuel sources such as gas and oil have been considered the only viable long term option for UK households for many years however the technology advancements in electric radiators has allowed this type of heating solution to become a serious consideration for millions of home owners.

On a standard electricity tariff a 600Watt Electric Radiator will typically cost approximately 5 to 6 pence per hour to run however this will only be the case if the electric radiator is calling for heat 60 minutes of each hour.  This of course will rarely be the situation particularly following the first hour of operation because the thermostat will turn off as soon as your required room temperature is reached (likely to be within 10 minutes from the initial switch on).  As a result the running costs will be significantly lower per hour at only 1 to 2 pence per hour!

Note:  Improving the insulation of your home will help to increase the heat retention value of each room and therefore reduce the duration your electric radiator is calling for heat,….and lower your electricity bill!

Maximum efficiency is achieved by a unique technology known as ‘Intelligent Control System’ (ICS).  ICS is built into each Best Electric Radiator digital thermostat and helps to regulate and maintain an accurate room temperature as efficiently as possible.

Smart programming and usage of your electric radiators is the key to saving on your heating bills.  Each radiator has an independent digital thermostat with multiple 24/7 programming options to help maximise efficiency and minimise wastage.  Set each radiator precisely to your life style and you can save up to 50% on your heating bills!

For more information please contact Best Electric Radiators on 01423 733000

Alternatively, view our range of electric radiators.


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