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Best Small Space Heater

Electric Slimline Radiator

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to effectively and efficiently heating small spaces at home. If you have the option of choosing an electric radiator or a standard fan heater, which should you go for? Or more importantly, which of the two will prove the most economical and practical?

A Question of Costs

One of the primary reasons why so many immediately pick up fan heaters without even thinking about it is the fact that they can be so cheap. Right at the bottom end of the scale, it is literally possible to pick them up for no more than a few pounds, making them attractive proposition for anyone. And when factoring in the considerably higher costs of high-end slimline electric radiators, it seems like a no-brainer on the surface.

However, this often amounts to the very definition of false economy as while you are definitely making a saving with the initial purchase price, there’s a strong possibility you’ll find yourself losing out further down the line. The reason being that while fan heaters generally use in the region of 2 kWh of energy, a high quality slimline electric radiator may use less than 1 kWh. This of course depends on the size and specification of the heater you choose, but generally speaking it can cost up to 50% less to use a high quality electric radiator.

The costs of running both may not be particularly expensive short-term, but when you consider the fact that you may be using them for extended periods every day, week, month and year, it soon adds up to an enormous difference.


It’s also worth bearing in mind the way in which the two options deliver heat to the room in general. When you opt for an electric fan heater, you essentially have a very small source of extreme heat that blasts energy in one specific direction, which isn’t exactly efficient or effective in terms of even distribution.

With a small electric radiator, it is quite the opposite as not only is the heat less intensive, but it is distributed over a much larger surface area. This makes it exponentially easier to control the temperature and maintain a comfortable environment, as opposed to certain areas of the space being too hot and others too cold.


Last but not least, it is always recommended that electric fan heaters never be left operational while unattended, even if only for a few minutes. This in turn means that in the interests of health and safety, it is necessary to switch them on and off on a regular or even constant basis, in order to avoid accidents and potential injuries.

By contrast, high quality slimline radiators are designed to be exceptionally safe and can be operated indefinitely while unattended. In addition, electric slimline radiators are also 100% silent while operational, making them the ideal choice to use over night while sleeping.

Personal preferences will always vary, but in terms of performance, safety, value for money and ease of operation, fan heaters simply do not come close to high quality slimline electric radiators.

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