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Save up to 50% on your heating bills with our energy-efficient electric radiators.

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You won’t get better electric radiators anywhere else in the UK.

Whichever electric radiator you choose, you can be confident that it’s high quality and reliable – because we don’t stock anything that isn’t. And if it’s on our website, you won’t find it anywhere else in the UK. Our most popular products include:

All our radiators are…

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Ultra Energy Efficient

Our electric radiators combine the latest intelligent heat management technology with the most effective high-grade materials to provide heat quickly and efficiently. So you get maximum heat using minimal electricity.

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24/7 Programmable

With modern electric radiators that can be scheduled to sync with your life, you’re in complete control of your heating – so you get the perfect temperature in every room, exactly when you want it.

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Easy to Install

Our lightweight radiators can go from box to wall in minutes using basic DIY tools. And because they run off mains electricity, all you need to do is plug them in. It’s that simple.

Latest Energy Saving

Save up to 50% on your energy bills*

Take control of your heating bills with a range of features that boost energy efficiency and cut wastage. Unlike traditional gas central heating or storage heaters, our modern electric radiators use precise, intelligent tools so you only use the electricity you need when you need it. And with accurate consumption figures, you won’t get any nasty surprises. The savings don’t stop with bills either: with almost zero maintenance needed, efficient electric radiators are a long-term solution for cheaper heating.

24/7 Programmable

Making your heating work for you

A warmer home is meant to be a convenience. Yet traditional heating systems or storage heaters with clunky, basic controls and temperamental boilers are far from handy. And when you have to either heat the whole house, or not heat it at all, you end up paying for energy you don’t need – or you end up cold.

Our modern electric heaters are all about making your life easier, so you get maximum comfort using minimal electricity and effort. Each radiator can be controlled individually with unlimited daily settings. Every room can be set to its own schedule so you don’t waste energy heating rooms you don’t use. And when the unexpected happens or you simply want a quick boost of heat, you can override the programme using the simple manual on/off feature.

Smart, efficient, cost effective and convenient: it’s heating for the twenty-first century.

277 Programmable

Heat the rooms you need when you need them – so your home office is warm from 9 to 5 and your living room is cosy for nights in front of the TV.

Get started straight away with a pre-set programme designed around a typical schedule, or tailor it to your unique lifestyle with our custom options.

Modern life rarely fits into a basic template – so why should your heating? Adapt your heating to your life with unlimited settings for both day and night.

Quick & Easy DIY Installation

Energy efficient heating
without the hassle

Making your home more energy efficient isn’t always straightforward – but upgrading your heating can be. With just basic DIY tools and skills, you’ll be heating your home with electricity in no time.



Unpack Radiator

Use Template to
Attach Mounts




Plug in and

Plug In

Wifi (connect to app, etc)


Wallmounted of Free standing

Permanent or portable: you can either fix your electric radiator to the wall like a traditional radiator or add ‘feet’ so it can be used anywhere.

Simply Plug-in

It’s easy to install an electric radiator. Just plug it in and switch it on – or choose to have it hardwired for a minimalist look.

Minimum maintenance

No more sudden boiler breakdowns, tedious radiator bleeding or expensive repairs. With zero maintenance, our modern electric radiators provide high-quality heating without the hassle (or the hefty price tag).

Wallmounted of Free standing min


Electric heating has come a long way from the storage heaters of the 1970s – and now it’s ready for the internet age. With WiFi-enabled electric radiators, you can adjust your heating from an app or by using a simple voice command.

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Electric Radiators2
Unapparelled Design & Build

Making your home more energy efficient isn’t always straightforward – but upgrading your heating can be. With just basic DIY tools and skills, you’ll be heating your home with electricity in no time.

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EU Manufacture

Craftsmanship you can trust: all our electric radiator units are built in Europe by industry-leading manufacturers to the very highest European standards.

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High-Quality Aluminium Body

Lightweight and long-lasting, aluminium heats up quickly and evenly – winter after winter.

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Ultra Slim Design

We sell the UK’s slimmest electric radiator at just 51mm deep – so you can heat your home without compromising on space, quality or style.

Same Heat,
new technology

When you make the switch to electric, you don’t need to compromise. Get a high standard of heat, but without the guesswork or clunkiness of traditional heating solutions.

Why Electric Heating
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True radiant

When you make the switch to electric, you don’t need to compromise. Get a high standard of heat, but without the guesswork or clunkiness of traditional heating solutions.

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Instant Heat

Get warm without the wait: our best-selling electric radiators are made from high-quality aluminium, which is highly conductive. The result is quick, evenly distributed heat.

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Blended Heat Delivery

Our electric heaters use both convection and radiant heat to give you the best of both: instant warmth and long-lasting heat.

Electric radiators explained

While all electric radiators run off mains power, they don’t all work in quite the same way. If you’re looking for a radiator that will retain heat long after the power is switched off, like traditional heating systems, consider our oil and ceramic options. But a more efficient choice is likely to be our modern, ‘dry’ technology radiators: they heat up more quickly, meaning they pull electricity for shorter periods.

Dry technology

Electric radiators that use dry technology heat a room quickly, delivering the perfect blend of convection and radiant heat so you get evenly distributed warmth. They’re also lighter than other options, easier to install and recycle, and require minimal maintenance.

Oil-filled radiators

Filled with diametric oil, these radiators retain heat like traditional heating systems, but they’re easier to install and use. They also come with many of the benefits of dry technology radiators, such as 24/7 programming.

Ceramic-core radiators

Like oil-filled radiators, ceramic radiators stay hot even after they’ve stopped using energy. In fact, with its high level of thermal inertia, ceramic stays hot longer than either oil or the water in traditional home heating systems.

More electric radiator features

Our added features are all about making things that bit easier – because life can be busy enough without having to deal with discoloured walls, unwelcome noises or unexpected cold spells.


Wall Discolouration Protection

Directional air vents filter all heat away from your walls, protecting them from the unsightly discolouration – sometimes known as ‘ghosting’ – that’s common with other heaters.

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100% Silent

Unlike some older electric or gas central heating options, our electric heating is completely silent – so you can use our radiators anywhere in your home, without irritating interruptions.

European LOT20 Compliant

Baby Care Function

There’s no need to worry about sensitive skin accidentally coming into contact with our electric radiators. The surface temperature is automatically controlled and limited to prevent burns.

Anti frost Mode

Anti-Frost Mode

Our intelligent anti-frost technology tracks the room temperature and steps in automatically to prevent it falling below 5ºC – so you won’t be caught out by any unexpected cold snaps.


Protection From Overheating

Our intelligent anti-frost technology tracks the room temperature and steps in automatically to prevent it falling below 5ºC – so you won’t be caught out by any unexpected cold snaps.

Size matters

So you’ve decided to buy an electric radiator. Maybe you’ve even selected the model you want. But how powerful does it need to be? It all depends on the space you want to heat, what you use the room for and how well it’s insulated.

Our Radiator Size calculator takes the guesswork out of your decision. It works out exactly how powerful your radiators need to be and how many are required to warm your chosen space, then recommends the best size for quality warmth all year round.

radiator size calculator
Why Best Electric Radiators?

We’re Best Electric Radiators for a reason. Delivering the ‘best’ is our aim in everything we do: we offer the best quality products, at amazingly competitive prices. And to help you find the best heater for you, we offer our customers a truly personal service with tailored advice and support that doesn’t end once your new heater has been installed.

Here to save you money

As one of the largest online-only electric radiator retailers in the UK, we have low overheads – so we can pass our savings onto our customers. Because if our customers are happy, so are we.

Free 48 hour delivery

No one likes unexpected costs. That’s why the prices you see online are the prices you pay, delivery included. And your new energy-efficient radiator will be with you in 48 hours, because no one likes waiting around either.

No compromise on quality

We’re confident in the quality of our electric radiators. All our heaters come with a 10-year warranty on the body plus a 2-year warranty on the electrical parts.

Unmatched customer service

From helping you choose the right electric radiator, to helping you install it and beyond – we’re available seven days a week to make your experience as easy as possible. Just ask our customers: we’re the top-rated electric radiator company on Trustpilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been selling electric radiators since 2014, and we’ve had plenty of questions in that time. Here, we’ve put together our answers to some of our customers’ most common questions to help you make the right decision about your heating solution.

Homes in the UK have traditionally been heated using a gas boiler and central heating system. But times are changing. Not only are domestic gas heating systems responsible for about 20 per cent of the country’s carbon emissions, but they’re also clunky, inefficient and generally unsuited for the modern world.


When hot water moves through the pipe system to each radiator, heat leaks out along the way – which is why you get those surprising warm patches in places that really don’t need to be warm. You also have to activate the whole system to heat any one radiator. And that doesn’t come cheap.

Overheating, overpaying

Most gas heating systems take their lead from a thermostat, which measures the temperature in a certain room and triggers the central heating for the whole house when it gets too cold. The problem is that not all rooms are the same temperature – and they don’t all need to be heated at the same time. The result? You end up overheating rooms that don’t need it and overpaying for energy.

Slow heat transfer

Gas central heating works by moving hot water from the boiler, through the pipes, to each of the radiators in your home. The radiators gradually warm up, heating the cold air around them. Sound longwinded? That’s because it is: gas heating is much slower than other heating options, such as an electric heating solution.


All that pipework isn’t just clunky – it can be noisy too. And with radiators hissing and gurgling, along with any number of strange sounds, gas central heating is often a far cry from peaceful.

We’re all doing our bit to be greener – but that doesn’t need to mean going cold in the winter months. Electric heating is generally considered to be better for the environment than gas: not only is gas a fossil fuel but the UK’s electricity grid is becoming increasingly renewable. Electric radiators can also be so efficient that they can halve your heating bill, alongside some other handy perks.


With no complicated pipe system where heat can get lost along the way, electric heating is extremely efficient and cost effective. The radiators start warming up as soon as you switch them on – and when they’re made from highly conductive aluminium material, they warm up almost instantly.

Precise temperature control

Electric heaters usually have a programmable thermostat built in. This means that each electric radiator can adjust its output according to the room’s specific temperature. Each one can be individually controlled – so you only need to heat the rooms you want to, saving you energy and money.

Tailored to you

Gas central heating tends to be all or nothing. But with an electric heating system, you can be much more sophisticated. Each individual radiator can have its own schedule, making it easy to use energy more efficiently. Plus, with WiFi-enabled electric radiators, you can control the heating in every room from the palm of your hand.

No noise

You might not even notice the strange sounds your traditional heating system makes any more, but you’ll definitely notice when they’re gone. Our modern electric radiators are almost silent – so the only noise you’ll hear is a sigh of relaxation.  

The main types of electric radiator are oil, ceramic and dry. Oil and ceramic radiators retain heat long after the power is switched off, which may be more efficient for rooms that cool down quickly. However, they take much longer to heat up in the first place, meaning they usually have to pull electricity for longer. Typically, a more efficient electric heating choice is ‘dry’ technology: dry radiators heat up a room more quickly, so they use less electricity to achieve your desired temperature. 

When choosing your electric radiator, be sure to check the spec. All our electric radiators incorporate energy-saving features, such as open-window detection, unlimited 24/7 programming, and intelligent heat management technology. They are also European Lot 20 compliant, which means they have been designed to be as efficient as possible.

Yes: you can simply plug an electric radiator into a normal electric socket and use it straight away. If you prefer, you can remove the three-pin plug and fuse spur the wire into the wall. This will have no negative impact on your product warranty.

We typically recommend 100w per m2 for our electric heating systems. This calculation is based on a room with a standard ceiling height of 2.4m, double-glazed windows and good insulation. If you need help calculating the correct size radiator for you, please use our wattage calculator.

We recommend running our electric radiators on a standard 24-hour tariff. If you need to move from an economy tariff, we recommend speaking with your electricity provider.

Our energy-efficient electric heating solutions include all the necessary technology to keep energy wastage as low as possible. As a result, our electric radiators can cost as little as 1 to 2 pence per hour to run.*

*Based on energy prices before April 2022.

Most of our customers fit their electric radiators to the wall themselves within 10 minutes, using a drill and the wall brackets provided. However, some customers prefer to hire a local tradesperson. This option might be particularly helpful if you plan to remove and replace an old system with wall-mounted electric radiators.

Electric heating has advanced significantly over the past 10 years, and it now delivers the same heat you’d expect from traditional heating solutions but quickly and more cheaply. The main reason for this is that each radiator can be controlled individually, giving you the temperature you want, where and when you want it. Electric radiators also heat up more quickly, helping eliminate energy wastage and minimising running costs.

Electric panel heaters – often considered more of a temporary heating solution – are notoriously expensive to run. They generate 100% convection heat, which can dry out the air and irritate the skin and lungs. Panel heaters can also be noisy, while the internal fan can push dust around the room and result in an imbalanced distribution of heat. 

Electric radiators, on the other hand, deliver a perfect blend of convection and radiant heat. They create a comfortable, equal distribution of heat, are silent during operation, and most importantly they’re cheaper to run. Because wall-mounted electric radiators are considered a permanent heating solution like gas and oil, you can expect them to last much longer than panel heaters too.

Yes. Our electric radiators are as safe as traditional heating solutions. They also include safety mechanisms to prevent the radiator from overheating.

Storage heaters tend to be inefficient, expensive and not very adaptable, so an energy-efficient electric radiator is an excellent upgrade. On average, customers switching from storage heaters to electric radiators will save between 40% and 50% on running costs alone. We also recommend switching your electricity tariff to a 24-hour tariff.

All our radiators incorporate energy-saving technology to help minimise any energy wastage. They also adhere strictly to European Lot 20 regulations, meaning they’re as efficient as possible. Our electric radiators are manufactured from lightweight aluminium, which make them more easily recyclable. Electric heating solutions can also make use of renewable electricity supplies, unlike gas heating systems, which run off fossil fuels.

First, there’s quality: we have designed, styled and selected the best components to help maximise the lifespan of each product we sell, and all of our radiators are manufactured in Europe by a company with over 45 years of experience. We keep our customers happy too: Best Electric radiators currently has the highest Trustpilot score in the electric radiator market.

Electric Radiator Tips

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