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Modern, fully programmable, energy efficient electric radiators that will save you money while reducing your impact on the environment.

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Slimline Curve Electric Radiator

Energy efficient electric radiators, stylish and easy installation in any room

Electric radiators are a convenient and environmentally-friendly heating solution for any space. Combining the latest energy-saving technology with sleek modern designs, they are easy to install and utilise an Intelligent Control System to precisely heat each room to the desired temperature.

Electric heating products have moved on a long way since the days of storage heaters and cheap convector heaters, and now boast a broad range of advantages over gas central heating. Electric radiator heaters are gaining popularity and becoming the first choice for many customers seeking a long-lasting, energy-efficient heating solution.

Essentially there are three types of electric radiator to consider: Oil filled, Ceramic and Dry Technology. Oil filled and Ceramic Core radiators will retention heat energy which means they will deliver heat for up to 30 minutes after the radiator has switched off. Dry Technology electric radiators are ideal for heating room quickly and will deliver the perfect blend of Convection and Radiant heat.

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Easy Installation

All of our radiators are easy to install using basic DIY tools, meaning they can go from box to wall in minutes. If you get stuck, you can call us for advice – we’re here seven days a week to ensure that your experience of buying from us is smooth and straightforward.

Lot20 Compliant

We know that our customers are an eco-conscious bunch – so are we! The radiators we sell are all compliant with Lot 20, meaning they incorporate an Intelligent Control System to maximise their efficiency.

Radiator Size Calculator

Every space has different heating requirements. That’s why we’ve created our radiator size calculator – so you can be sure how many heaters you’ll need. Our radiators come in a range of sizes you can ‘Mix & Match’ to create the perfect coverage.

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Benefits of energy efficient electric radiators

Modern, energy efficient electric radiators come with a wide range of benefits and are the perfect replacement for traditional central heating radiators, old-school storage heaters and cheap inefficient panel heaters.

Latest energy saving technology

Our electric radiators come packed with the latest energy saving technology which can help you save up to 50% on your heating bills.

Intelligent temperature control system – constantly monitors the temperature of your room and only draws heat to top up the temperature when required.

Precision thermostat – Monitors the temperature within 0.1 degrees Celcius which avoids the temperature of the room getting too cold and unnecessary power usage to heat it up.

Open door & window technology – detects sudden drops in temperature when a door or window has been left open and prevents the radiator from wasting energy while heat escapes.

Quick glance energy metre – allows you to check your energy consumption history and identify areas where you can reduce wastage and save money on your bills.

EU & UK Lot 20 EcoDesign compliant – our radiators meet the latest energy efficiency requirements of the EU & UK’s EcoDesign initiative.

24/7 Programmable

Get heat exactly when you need it while reducing running costs and unnecessary energy usage.

Individually controlled – Set your bedroom to a different schedule to your living room and kitchen and avoid heating rooms in the house that are not in use.

Preset programmes  – get up and running instantly with our preset schedule built around a typical lifestyle.

Custom 24/7 programmes – Set your radiators to come on and off exactly at the right time and temperature to fit your unique schedule.

Manual on/off function – For unpredictable schedules, you can use the simple on/off feature. Simply turn o, set to the desired temperature and enjoy almost instant heat.

Quick & easy DIY installation

Our radiators can be installed in minutes with basic DIY tools and know-how. Simply use the templates proved to attach the wall mounts, hand the radiator and plug it in.

Wall mountable or freestanding – Attach your radiators to the wall for fixed heating, or add freestanding feet for a portable solution. View wall mounted electric radiators.

Plug in or hardwire – Our heaters simply plug directly into a standard UK wall socket or can be hardwired if preferred. View Plug in electric radiators.

Minimum maintenance – no unexpected boiler breakdowns or leakages. Electric radiators require almost zero maintenance for a long life of quality heat output.

High-quality heat output

Our electric radiators provide a high standard of heat that is no different to traditional solutions. Here’s how:

Blended heat delivery – By utilising both convection and radiant heat, our electric radiators provide both instant heat and long-lasting warmth.

True Radiant Mode – Heats up the room to the set temperature by the set time meaning your rooms are warm exactly when you need them to be.

Instant Heat – Our dry, aluminium models provide very quick heat-up times while our oil-filled and ceramic models provide longer-lasting heat after the power is switched off.

Wi-Fi Control

Our WiFi models can be controlled via a mobile app or connected to your home assistant, giving you the benefit of individually controlled radiators with a single interface similar to central heating.

More features…

Wall discolouration protection – Directional fans help angle heat away from the wall, into your room to prevent and discolouration above the radiator.

100% silent – 100% silent operation makes it suitable for every room in the house.

Baby-care function –  automatically controls and limits the surface temperature to avoid burns on sensitive skin.

Anti-frost mode – automatically prevents temperatures from falling below 5 degrees Celcius.

Protection from overheating – Inbuilt safety cut out that monitors the units temperature and protects the system from overheatin

Why electric radiators?

Are you fed up with rising bills for inefficient central heating? Are you tired of your old storage heaters? Is your cheap space heater just not cutting it?

Are you spending too much on heating your home? Do you dread the winter months and the prospect of another huge energy bill? Do you want to save money, have more control and help the environment?

If you’re concerned that your radiators are inefficient and costing you a fortune, you’re not alone. Traditional heating solutions are a major contributor to global warming, as well as being expensive for homeowners, unreliable and subject to breakdown at the most inconvenient times. Fixing a broken boiler sometimes takes weeks, only for the problem to recur. And the environmental cost of gas heating means that it may become obsolete in the foreseeable future. 

A 2019 report by the Committee on Climate Change recommended that no new homes should be connected to the gas grid after 2025 due to harmful effects on the environment. 

But historically, the alternatives have been ugly, old-fashioned and simply not up to the job.

Storage heaters – the 1970s’ answer to electric heating – can be really frustrating to use. While they may claim to save you money by only consuming power at night time, the reality is that you have little control over the amount of heat they provide. Energy must be stored up at night for use in the day times, so you have to predict in advance whether or not you’ll want heating the next day. In winter, you risk running out of heat, and in summer there’s no way of warming up your home if it’s unexpectedly chilly. 

Cheap electric convector heaters are equally problematic, typically using a lot of electricity to heat a very small area. Often they rely on 100% convection heat, providing a short ‘blast’ of heat but not the kind of comfortable warmth that makes a house feel homely. On top of this, many space heaters have a noisy element which clicks throughout usage, making them unsuitable for bedrooms or other quiet spaces. 

For a long time electric heating was a poor substitute for gas – but that’s all changed with the development of the modern electric radiator.

New and modern buildings need new and modern heating 

When building an extension, refurbishing a space or designing your own home, you’ll want a heating method that offers comfort and efficiency as well as being pleasing to the eye. You may be extending into an area that can’t be served by gas heating, or you might want the convenience of being able to control your new radiators independently of any existing system. Electric radiators can offer all these benefits and more

Electric Radiators – simple, stylish, efficient and green 

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient heating solution that is simple to install, with a sleek, modern appearance, look no further than a modern electric radiator. 

Electric radiators come in a range of sizes from just 45cm to 110cm wide, with a single large heater capable of heating a space up to 21m2. They can be combined in larger spaces, side by side or separately to fit the wall space and the room layout. By combining large and small radiators you can achieve exactly the required coverage to heat your room without wastage. Electric heaters are extremely thin (from 5.1cm) and available in light or dark colours, allowing them to blend into your space as part of an attractive interior design.

Modern electric radiators are also fully programmable with Intelligent Control Systems for maximum efficiency and comfort. Each radiator has its own digital thermostat and is individually controlled, allowing you to heat different rooms at different times with ease. You can set bedroom radiators to come on just before you wake, and get your living room to a cosy temperature for the evening. If you’re working from home you can heat your home or garden office on its own, without wasting energy heating an empty house.

Installing new radiators might sound like a difficult job, but with electric radiators it needn’t be. They are lightweight and easy to move by yourself, with even the largest radiator weighing only 10.5kg. They’re powered by your mains electricity with no special ‘plumbing in’ required, and can be wall-mounted in minutes using basic DIY tools and the instructions supplied. If you prefer a freestanding radiator, feet are available which will allow your radiator to be used in any position or moved around. 

Whether you are replacing your old central heating, or seeking a long-lasting solution for an extension or new build, you’ll find electric radiators a hassle-free, affordable and environmentally responsible way to bring comfort and style to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions about electric radiators into a handy guide, to help you understand the key benefits as well as how to choose the best radiator for your needs, how to install it and the likely running costs. 

Electric radiators are a form of modern electric heating that provides high quality heat efficiently. They work by using electricity to heat either a dry aluminum, oil-filled or ceramic core.

Electric radiators offer a wide range of advantages over traditional gas heating, including:

  • Ease of installation
  • Plugs into existing mains electricity supply (or can be wired in)
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Not reliant on household boiler
  • Energy-efficient
  • Intelligent Control systems
  • Suitable for all rooms including bedroom, bathroom*, kitchen, living room, conservatory and hallway
  • Available in a range of colours and sizes including white and anthracite

* towels should not be placed directly onto an electric radiator. See our range of Electric Towel Rails for this purpose.

Yes! Electric heaters can be wall-mounted like a traditional radiator but without the need for ‘plumbing in’, so they are really simple to install. Our radiators come with wall brackets, fixing templates and power cables that plug straight into your mains electricity supply using a three-pin plug, so your radiator can go from box to wall in just a few minutes. (Alternatively, the radiator can be wired in).

To identify the best electric radiator for your needs, you should consider:

  • Size of space to be heated
  • Insulation
  • Heating requirements
  • Control requirements
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Budget

A wide range of energy-saving and attractively finished electric radiators are now available, including dry, oil or ceramic-filled heaters in a range of colours and sizes. The latest electric heaters such as the Slimline Curve use intelligent heat management technology and easy-access digital controls to ensure that heating your home is both convenient and efficient. 

Once you’ve decided to purchase an electric radiator, it’s important to work out how big your heater will need to be. So how do you calculate the amount of heat an electric radiator will generate?  Our Radiator Size calculator (available on each product page) takes into account the size and function of your space and the existing insulation, and recommends the best electric radiator for the job. Our recommendation is based on many years’ experience of supplying electric heaters for use in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms of all sizes. For narrow spaces such as hallways, the Slimline Curve is ideal; it is the UK’s slimmest radiator at just 51mm. 

Electric heaters are extremely cost efficient and benefit from very low running costs. A 600Watt Electric Radiator can keep a room warm for only 1-2p per hour, thanks to its Intelligent Control system which monitors the heat in the room and switches off when the desired temperature is reached. Unlike a typical thermostat, which controls a whole heating system from one central point (often a draughty hallway), electric radiators have their own built-in digital sensors so they can be individually controlled, heating each room as required for maximum efficiency – great for the environment and your finances.

These two terms are often used interchangeably. The term electric heaters has been around for longer and previously only referred to old-fashioned space heaters whereas now it includes modern radiators. Electric radiators is a newer term the refers mainly to modern, smart/programmable radiators. Both are forms of home heating.

Electric heating is a modern form of home heating. It is a greener alternative to gas central heating and is the preferred heating solution to help reduce our impact on the environment.

There are many electric heating solutions but we feel electric radiators, towel rails and water heaters are the most cost effective to install and run.

Electric panel heaters are often cheap heaters that attach to a wall like a radiator but offer only heat by convection.

Electric radiators provide both convection and radiant heat which makes them much more cost efficient to run while providing a much better feeling of warmth.

The simple answer is ‘yes’ – our electric radiators are extremely efficient. They’re fitted with intelligent thermostats that monitor room temperature, and only use the amount of energy needed to heat your room. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the heat output is lowered so you’re never wasting energy.

Again, we can answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’. Because they’re so efficient, our electric radiators can save you up to 50% on your heating bill when compared with traditional central heating.

The average cost of installing traditional central heating into a 3-bed house is £3000-£4000, and when you compare that to our radiators which start from £219 each, you can already see there’s a huge cost saving to be made. The great thing is that electric radiators can be fitted with some basic DIY skills, so you don’t even have to hire an expensive plumber or builder to do the work. If you’re not quite ready to switch your whole home from traditional heating to electric, it’s still a great choice for extensions and loft conversions.

Our radiator calculator is designed to help you choose the right size and type of radiator for your room. For example, if you have a 10m2 room with decent insulation, you’ll need a 1000W radiator. If your recommended heat output is in between two sizes we generally recommend you go for the larger size radiator, as this means there’ll be less strain on it when heating your room. Remember that they lower their output when the desired temperature is reached, so a larger radiator doesn’t mean larger heating bills.

Choose Best Electric Radiators: for price, quality and customer service

Are you wondering where to buy electric radiators? Having been around since 2014, we are one of the most experienced retailers of electric radiators. We take pride in listening to our customers and advising them about our full range of products to ensure they get the most suitable electric radiator for their needs. 

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Our prices are extremely competitive, and people sometimes ask how we can supply good quality electric radiators for so little. We’re one of the largest online-only retailers of electric radiators in the UK, so our overheads are low and we pass these savings onto our customers. This means we can supply top-of-the-range electric radiators at amazingly low prices

FREE 48-hour delivery

There’s nothing worse than finding a great product online for a good price, only to discover that delivery costs an arm and a leg or that items take weeks to arrive. That’s why we offer FREE delivery on all of our electric radiators. The price you see online is the price you pay – for everything. 

No compromise on quality – guaranteed

All of our electric radiators come with a 10-year warranty on the body, and a 2 year warranty on the electrical parts. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your new heaters but if you have any problems you can contact us to arrange repair or an exchange. 

Our customer service

We are committed to giving our customers the best possible experience of buying electric radiators, from the initial enquiry through to delivery, installation and aftercare. Our UK call centre is staffed every day of the week by highly trained staff with detailed product knowledge. They will be happy to answer your questions and they’ll never pressure you to buy. They’ll also be on hand to help if you need any assistance after you’ve bought from us. You can contact customer services by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01423 733000.

The UK’s top rated electric radiators are exclusive to us

The radiators we sell are not available anywhere else in the UK. Our products are selected by us for their quality and reliability. 

Electric Radiator specifications and accessories

Whether you need a large or small radiator or a full electric heating solution, our online shop has an energy saving, stylish and user-friendly solution to suit your requirements. We supply three different types of electric radiator, with a range of sizes and colours available.

You can find images, videos and 360° views for the radiators we sell on each of our product pages. Photographs of the radiators in situ including the different colours and sizes mean you can be confident about how your radiator will look after installation. You can also download the user guide for the radiator and see how the controls will allow you to programme both built-in and bespoke electric heating programmes. Our aim is for you to feel fully informed about our products before committing to your purchase, however if you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact customer services and one of our friendly experts will be happy to assist. 

Below you can compare the different radiators that we supply. 

Slimline Curve – the UK’s slimmest radiator

The Slimline Curve is the very latest in style, efficiency and intelligent design. Its built-in heat management system monitors the temperature in the room with a precision thermometer accurate to 0.1C, and simply ‘tops up’ the heat as required to maintain comfort. It can even detect if a window has been opened, and will automatically stop consuming power, to minimise wasted energy. 

At just 51mm the Slimline Curve is the thinnest radiator on the market. Available in either white or anthracite, it will fit seamlessly into the design of any room with its sleek, modern appearance. 

Key features of the Slimine Curve:

  • Instant heat
  • Fully programmable
  • Completely silent operation
  • Five size options (600W – 2000W)
  • Meets the European Energy Directive LOT20
  • Even heat distribution through convection and radiance
  • Easy to wall-mount
  • Directs heat into the room to prevent discolouration of wall and wasted energy
  • Display shows power consumption
  • ‘Baby-care’ surface temperature control function 

Perfect for:

  • Modern living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways
  • Spaces where style is important
  • Narrower spaces – slim design
  • Larger spaces – five size options
  • Homes with children
  • Replacing old central heating systems in full

Slimline Digital – over 25,000 sold

One of the UK’s most popular heaters, the Slimline Digital electric radiator combines value, quality and energy efficiency. 

Key features include:

  • Intelligent Control System
  • Easy-installation instructions
  • Silent operation via TRIAC cut-off control system
  • Five sizes available (600W – 2000W)
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Over 25,000 sold to date
  • Our most affordable radiator 

Perfect for:

  • Smaller budgets – great first electric radiator
  • Painted, brick or tiled spaces – available in white or anthracite
  • Reliable and great value

Comfort Control – oil filled or ceramic

The Comfort Control electric radiator is for those who would like their radiator to retain energy like a traditional gas or oil central heating radiator, without the need for a gas supply or specialist installation. These radiators can be filled with either oil or ceramics, which heat up and retain heat even after the radiator has been switched off.

Oil-filled heaters run off your normal electricity supply, but the oil retains heat which in turn transfers thermal energy to the room for a while after being switched off or unplugged.

Ceramic-filled heaters work in the same way but offer a greener solution as ceramics retain heat for longer, and can be recycled more easily than some oils. 

Key features of the Comfort Control electric radiator include:

  • Retains heat for longer
  • Digital thermostat and timer
  • Four sizes available (750W – 1800W)
  • 100% silent
  • Easy to install
  • Feet for freestanding if required

Perfect for:

  • Those seeking a traditional style of heating 
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Small to medium spaces – up to 1500W

Dry, Oil-filled or Ceramic

A brief comparison of the 3 main types.

Dry Electric Radiators

These are now the most popular electric radiators in the UK and have helped our customers save up to 60% on their heating:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Programmable precision control
  • DIY installation in any room
  • 100% silent operation
  • Slimline and lightweight

Oil Filled Radiators

Retains heat like a traditional central heating radiators but easy and more flexible to use.

Ceramic Core Radiators

The latest heat retention technology for longer lasting warmth and a greener electric heating solution.

How to install your radiator: 

Wall-mounting or Freestanding

All of our radiators are extremely simple to install, requiring standard tools and basic DIY knowledge.  Instructions for wall-mounting are included, or you can buy additional feet for each radiator for complete flexibility.

Power Supply

Our radiators are powered by your mains electricity, via an ordinary three-pin plug. Each heater comes with a 1m power cable which can usually be hidden behind the radiator when you install it. If you prefer, you can wire the radiator directly into your electrical supply.  

What’s in the box

When your radiator arrives, you will receive the following items to help you install it. It’s usually a quick and easy job, but if you have any problems, our support staff will be happy to help.

  • 1m power cable and moulded plug
  • Positioning template
  • Screws and wall plugs
  • Wall fixings

Optional Extras

  • Leg / foot support
    • If you’re planning to decorate soon, or need to heat the space before you’re ready to install, we also supply feet so that you can still use your radiator straight away as a freestanding heater, and wall-mount it later.
  • Extra long 2M IEC power cable
    • If you need to position your radiator more than 1M from the nearest electrical socket, you can purchase an extra-long power cable. Available in black or white.
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This product is fully Lot 20 EcoDesign compliant – meeting the EU’s efficiency standard. Our Intelligent Control System ensures this product minimises wasted energy.

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