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A flexible heating solution for your home

Free Standing Electric RadiatorsFree Standing Electric Radiators
Free Standing Electric Radiators
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Fit best electric radiators
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Slimline Curve Wifi Electric Radiator
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Free Standing Electric Radiators

Freestanding electric radiators: Heat wherever you want it, whenever you need it.

Freestanding electric radiators provide a flexible, energy-efficient heating solution that can easily be moved around your home. Our simple, sleek designs mean they slot seamlessly into any room – no matter what your colour scheme or interior design preferences – and move from kitchen to bedroom to office with ease.

An Intelligent Control System is built into all of our free standing electric radiators, so you can heat each individual room to the perfect temperature, while also conserving energy and minimising your energy bill.

Modern electric radiators offer the perfect solution for homeowners who want a genuine alternative to traditional central heating that is environmentally friendly, stylish and easy on the wallet. Just open up the box, plug it in and you’re done – what could be simpler?

Our customers love our radiators

Not sure what size you need?

Use our radiator calculator to select the exact wattage needed to heat your room.

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The slimmest electric radiators in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best free standing electric radiator can be a confusing business, so here’s some useful information that will help you know what to look for, and how to identify the most suitable radiator for your home.

Freestanding electric radiators are a great way of heating your house. Benefits include:

  • Intelligent Control System
  • Slim and sleek designs
  • Plug-in or wire-in
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Variety of colours and sizes
  • Different sizes to suit any space
  • Perfect for office, garden room, study, lounge or bedroom
  • Can also be wall-mounted with only basic DIY skills

Our three radiator models all come in a range of sizes and can all be adapted and used as a freestanding electric radiator by simply buying and fitting the special foot support pack. These attach easily to the underside of the radiator no special DIY skills needed! 

When choosing a free standing electric radiator you’ll need to think about a range of factors including the temperature you want each room to be, the size of each room, what you want the radiator to look like and any existing heating or insulation you have in the rooms you’ll be using it in. Freestanding electric radiators currently on the market include:

  • Dry radiators
  • Oil-filled radiators
  • Ceramic-filled radiators

All of these radiators can be easily mounted on any wall at a later date and either plug-in or wire-in to your electricity supply: the differences are what the radiator looks like and the method of heating. Use our special radiator calculator on each radiator page, to help you to choose the right size and combination of radiators for your room.

No! Modern electric freestanding radiators are extremely energy-efficient, so they’re good for the environment and save you money too. They’re individually controlled, using the latest Intelligent Control technology to ensure that rooms don’t overheat. 

Each radiator can be programmed to come on whenever it’s needed, and its built-in thermostat continually monitors the temperature of the room. When it’s warm enough, the heater simply turns itself off to conserve energy. 

Thanks to this innovative design feature, a freestanding electric radiator can heat a typical room cheaply and efficiently.

Our three radiator models all come in a range of sizes which can be combined to heat any room space. We provide a Radiator Size Calculator on each radiator page which will tell you exactly how many radiators you need and what sizes, depending on your heating requirements and likely heat-retention of your space. Our calculator can tell you how much wall space will be taken up by the radiators (should you choose to wall mount them at a later date) and the minimum wattage you’ll need to heat rooms to a comfortable temperature. 

Yes. You’ll be provided with all the fixtures, fittings and instructions you need for wall mounting when you buy your radiator. Wall mounting electric radiators is an easy DIY task: all you have to do is screw the radiators to the wall and plug them into the nearest socket.

If you plan to use our electric freestanding radiators in your bathroom, you must have them fitted by a qualified electrician. However you mustn’t hang towels over our electric radiators, so we always recommend choosing one of our electric towel rails for your bathroom instead. These should also be fitted by a professional.

The three models of freestanding electric radiators we sell come in a range of sizes. Our Slimline Curve and Slimline Digital radiators weigh from 4.5–10.5kg; our Comfort Control radiators range from 11–22.5kg.

Our free standing electric radiators aren’t designed to be used outside. They’re not made from materials suitable for outdoor use and they won’t warm your outdoor space effectively.

Do you work at home and want to be able to move from room to room, keeping warm without having the central heating on all day? Do you worry that your cheap portable heaters waste energy and send your electric bill soaring? Or perhaps you’re renovating and haven’t decided where the radiators should go yet.

Traditional gas central heating isn’t the answer to any of these problems. 

Putting the heating on and heating the whole house when all you really need is one warm room just isn’t efficient – especially when fuel tariffs are rising and gas bills seem to get more expensive every year. It’s becoming a real struggle just to heat your house cost-effectively. But as many homeowners are starting to realise, it isn’t just the cost: gas central heating is bad for the environment and is gradually being phased out, with all new builds being required to look at different heating solutions.

And anyone who’s ever used a cheap electric heater will know that they aren’t the answer either. 

They might keep you warm if you sit almost on top of them, but they don’t offer radiant heat and won’t heat a whole room so it feels cosy on a cold evening. As soon as you move, you’ll feel that chill straight away! They also consume a huge amount of energy and the clicking sounds they make mean they aren’t a good option for the bedroom or an office space where you need peace and quiet.

Cheap electric heaters won’t win any style points either, and their often bulky design means it’s hard to slot them neatly away into a corner once you’ve finished with them for the day. Not to mention their weight: they just aren’t designed to be lifted easily and moved around the house to provide heat quickly and easily wherever you need it.

A whole house heating solution, suitable for every home

But at last there’s a real, affordable alternative if you want a modern home that’s fit for the 21st century. Electric radiators have evolved, and now represent a stylish, green and cost efficient solution to both heating your whole house, and providing the flexible extra heating that a freestanding electric radiator offers.

Free standing electric radiators: stylish, flexible heating

Our stylish freestanding electric heaters will slot right into your home, and your life. With models starting from a little over 5cm thick, you can use them in hallways and other tight spaces with ease and their slimline design means they can be stored neatly away whenever you’re not using them. They come in a range of sizes and colours to suit every space and colour scheme.

If you’re working at home you can just put your freestanding electric heater in your office – without that nagging feeling that you’re also heating the rest of the house for no reason, wasting money and energy. Our free standing electric radiators have their own built-in thermostat and timer, so you can turn the heat down if you pop out and set it to come back on before you get home. Our heaters are lightweight and start from just 4.5kg, so you can move them around the house easily if you like to work in different rooms.

An electric freestanding heater is also the perfect solution if you’re building an extension or doing other home improvement. You can simply place it in the room you’re renovating until your paintwork is finished, you’ve decided on your room layout and you’re ready to mount it on a wall.

You might think you need an expensive tradesperson and specialist skills to do this – but no. All of our freestanding radiators can be wall-mounted quickly and easily with only basic DIY skills and standard tools: simply remove the feet and use the easy-to-follow instructions that come with all of our radiators.

Best Electric Radiators: the best choice for your home

We supply energy-efficient and stylish freestanding electric radiators to homeowners across the UK. That’s all we do, and we do it really well.

We aim to take the stress out of buying an electric radiator, so you won’t find a vast and confusing range of electric radiators on our website. We’ve chosen what we think are the three best models on the market and that’s all we sell, in a range of sizes and colours to suit every home.

Our products are exclusive to Best Electric Radiators, so you won’t find them on sale at any other UK retailer.

Our free standing electric radiators: the best choice for every room

We’re the only company who can say they sell the slimmest electric freestanding

radiators in the UK. Use our special radiator calculator on each radiator page, to help you to choose exactly the right size of radiator for your room. And don’t forget to check out the image gallery, 360 view and video that will show you exactly how your radiator look once it arrives.

Best for customer service

We’re known for the warmth of our radiators… and our customer service! Don’t just take our word for it though: we’re proud to say that we’ve achieved 5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot from all of our happy customers, making us the top rated company for electric radiators.

Buying new radiators is a big decision that requires expert guidance. Our UK based telephone support team are here seven days a week to help you choose the radiator that best meets your long-term requirements. Once you’ve chosen your freestanding electric radiator it’ll be with you in no time, thanks to our free 48 hour delivery service – we’ll even aim for a specific one hour time slot for it to reach your door.

And we guarantee that the same UK team will be on the end of the phone to support you with installation and answer any maintenance questions, no matter how much time has passed since you bought your freestanding electric radiator. We want everyone who buys from us to have total peace of mind: that’s why we offer a 10 year warranty on the body of all our freestanding electric radiators, and a 2 year warranty on the electrical parts.

Best for price

Our prices are extremely competitive, with high-quality electric free standing radiators from just £199. And the savings don’t end there. You’ll be able to wave goodbye to sky-high gas and electric bills caused by old, inefficient central heating and cheap portable heaters.

Best for the environment

We know that our customers are an eco-conscious bunch – and so are we! The electric radiators we sell are all compliant with Lot 20, meaning they include an Intelligent Control system to maximise their energy efficiency and reduce their impact on the environment.

To view our full range of products, vist our electric radiators section.

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