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Yes, you are welcome to remove the 3 pin plug and fuse spur the wire into the wall.  This will have no negative impact your product warranty.

The power cable always exits the radiator lower right hand side. 

We typically recommend 100w per m2 however this calculation is based on a room with a standard ceiling height of 2.4m, double glazed windows and good insulation.  If you need any help calculating the correct size radiator then please use our wattage calculator.

We recommend running our electric radiators on a standard 24 hour tariff.  If you need to move from an Economy tariff then we recommend speaking with your electricity provider.

All types of heating (Gas, Oil and Electric) suffer from energy wastage during operation.  Our energy efficient electric radiators include all the necessary technology to help reduce and minimise electricity wastage.  As a result our electric radiators will cost as low as 1-2pence per hour! 

The majority of our customers fit our electric radiators to the wall themselves within 10 minutes using a drill and wall brackets provided however some customers prefer to hire a local tradesman to remove an old system and install our electric radiators.

Due to the advances in electric heating over the past 10 years, electric radiators have become equally or cheaper than traditional gas central systems.  The main reason for this is that each radiators can be controlled individually allowing the homeowner to deliver precisely the temperature they require in each room.  As a result energy wastage is eliminated and running costs minimised.

Electric panel heaters (often referred to as temporary heating solution), are notoriously expensive to run and generate 100% convection heat which can dry the air causing skin and lung irritations.  They can be noisy during heating and cooling and the inclusion of an internal fan can push dust around the room and create an imbalanced distribution of heat.  Electric radiators deliver a perfect blend of convection and radiant heat, create a comfortable and equal distribution of heat, are silent during operation, and most importantly cheaper to run.  Electric radiators are considered a permanent heating solution like gas and oil and you can also expect the longevity of an electric radiator to be much longer than a panel heater.

Yes.  Our electric radiators are as safe as traditional heating solutions such as gas or oil and include safety mechanisms to prevent the radiator from overheating.

Energy efficient electric radiators from Best Electric Radiators are an ideal replacement electric heating solution for storage heaters.  On average our customers will save between 40-50% on running costs when moving away from storage heaters.  We recommend switching your electricity tariff to a 24 hour tariff.

Our electric radiators are manufactured from lightweight recyclable aluminium.  The energy saving technology incorporated within each radiator will help to reduce environmental carbon emissions and make use of renewable electricity supplies. Each radiator adheres strictly to LOT20 regulations for products of maximum energy efficiency.

All the products offered by Best Electric are manufactured in Europe by the same company who have been producing electric heating products for over 45 years.  We currently have the highest TrustPilot score in the electric radiator market which reflects the quality of our products and the level of our customer service.  We have individually designed, styled and hand selected the best components to help maximise the lifespan of each product we sell.


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