Electric Central Heating Systems

Most houses in the UK have some form of central heating, It’s something we simply take for granted, although it’s only really been around since the 1970’s.

When you think of central heating you probably think of a gas-fired boiler and water-filled radiators – the traditional system we’re all familiar with. Despite the rise in energy-efficient boilers, this form of heating can still be inefficient, difficult to programme and leave our house cold at all the wrong moments. There is an alternative more suited to modern houses, and modern life: electric central heating.

Electric Central Heating Systems

What is electric central heating?

Electric central heating can mean two things – firstly, replacing your old gas-powered boiler with an electricity-powered boiler, or secondly, replacing your old radiators with smart electric radiators. These simply plug in around your house, and heat your entire home without a boiler. It’s central heating, but designed for a modern way of life.

“Electric central heating can offer amazing savings over traditional central heating.”


Benefits Of Electric Central Heating

Electric central heating has many benefits over traditional forms of heating, and it’s all to do with the radiator technology. It’s come a long way since clunky storage heaters and 3-bar fires – our electric radiators are super-smart and offer several advantages when it comes to heating your home.

“Our electric radiators are super smart, and start from as little as £149.”

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Running Costs

The first – and most important – advantage is the running cost of electric central heating. Again, this all comes down to the radiator technology, which is incredibly efficient. Our radiators have an Intelligent Control System that works on a room-by-room basis, unlike traditional central heating with one central thermostat controlling all radiators.

To put it simply, you set the desired temperature of your room, and the time of day you’d like your heating to come on. The radiator uses just enough energy to achieve the right level of heat, then lowers its heat output to maintain the correct temperature. With your heating monitored on a room-by-room basis, you’ll never waste energy on a room that’s already warm, or a room you don’t want to heat at certain times of day. This can result in amazing savings over traditional central heating.

“High efficiency, low running costs”

Installation Costs

If you’re thinking of replacing your old water-filled heaters with electric ones, you might be surprised at how little it costs. For one thing, they’re incredibly easy to install, with just a plug socket needed nearby. Our electric radiators attach to the wall with brackets just like normal radiators, but freestanding feet are also available. As you can imagine, with some basic DIY skills you can take this project on yourself, without hiring an expensive plumber or gas fitter.

If you’re installing central heating from scratch – in an extension or a new house for example – it’s the perfect time to choose electric central heating and future-proof your home. Did you know that the average cost of installing traditional central heating in a 3-bed house is £3000-£4000? With no boiler or trades needed, and our radiators starting from as little as £149, you can immediately see the savings to be made.

“Electric central heating can offer amazing savings 
over traditional central heating.”

Maintenance Costs

It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare – waking up one morning to find water coming through the ceiling. Burst pipes are a hazard of traditional central heating, either from extreme cold or from DIY gone wrong, and they can causes thousands of pounds of damage to your home. Electric central heating has far fewer parts, and so far fewer ways of going wrong. With no boiler, your central heating won’t need a regular service – great news not just for live-in homeowners but for landlords everywhere.

So electric central heating clearly costs less, but is it actually better than traditional central heating? Let’s take a look at some key facts about the comfort and control that electric heating offers.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable

They key to electric central heating is choosing the right mix of radiators for your home. With traditional central heating, you might have slightly differently-sized radiators throughout your house, but by and large they act the same, gradually heating the air through convection. With electric central heating you can pick and choose the best radiator for each room, depending on its size and its use.

“A clever heating system that keeps each room at the perfect temperature.”

For example, a narrow hallway would benefit from one of our slimline electric radiators – at only 60mm wide it fits into the smallest of spaces, and it works both by convection, and by guiding warm air into the room with a directional air vent, ensuring the space is heated quickly and efficiently. A comfort control electric radiator would work in a larger room – filled with oil, it retains heat for a long period of time, offering maximum heating at a minimum cost. You can also choose electric towel rails for your bathroom which are practical as well as stylish – as each radiator has its own thermostat, they work together to keep your own house comfortable with minimal energy usage.

Our handy room size guide helps you choose the 
right size of radiator for each room:

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Fully Programmable

No-one enjoys trying to programme a boiler, and the only control you really have over water-filled radiators is to turn them off or on. With electric central heating, you have full control over each radiator independently, and they’re incredibly easy to programme. You can choose the temperature and the time of day on a room-by-room basis, to ensure your heating keeps in step with your lifestyle.

As each radiator monitors room temperature independently, you’ll find they only come on when they need to – saving you money every day. If you have rooms that don’t need heating very often, simply choose the ‘anti-frost’ mode to stop them falling below 5 degrees. With such a clever heating system, you get peace of mind that your home will be comfortable all year round with hardly any maintenance – in fact, the only input electric central heating will need is when you’re updating your room preferences. It really is that simple!

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