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Electric Towel Rails
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Best electrically heated towel rails that are stylish, programmable, space-efficient, and easy to install

Replace your old bathroom radiator with an electric heated towel rail and enjoy warm towels all year long whilst continuing to heat your bathroom. Save time and money using our precision programming, so your towel rail only comes on when you want it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like all electric radiators, our electric ladder towel rails can be preprogrammed to provide heat only when you need it, and can be turned off and on at the flick of a switch. This makes them a far more cost-effective option compared to traditional gas radiators.

It depends on the size of your room. For an average bathroom of 2.3m x 2.7m you would need between 2103 to 2501 BTU/hr. To find the exact BTU for your bathroom, use this BTU calculator.

Electric towel rails can be turned off and on at the flick of a switch, and can be further programmed to come on only when you need them. While they may cost more if used for the same amount of time as your central heating, they are considerably cheaper and use much less electricity because they only come on at select times.

Make sure to select the correct wattage size for your living space. We recommend 100w per m2 and would advise you to carefully consider the physical size of the radiator to ensure it will fit on your available wall space.

For bathrooms in particular, we don’t recommend going below 100 watts of heat output. We also always advise that if your wattage falls between two sizes of radiators you should opt for the bigger radiator to ensure you’ve definitely got the right heat and don’t have to waste time returning your unit.

Electric towel rails are extremely effective not only at drying your towels and heating your bathroom, but at killing off moisture and mildew that formulates on damp towels, ensuring your towel remains clean and cosy.

Yes, though doing so will eventually reduce the lifespan of your radiator. We advise switching the radiator on and off as needed, or utilising the remote control capability which will allow you to set a heating programme to your specific needs. Alternatively, you can fit a timer to the power socket so the rail is warm when you need it.

Typically a towel rail offers less heat than a standard radiator. However, as long as you have the correct size rail to fit your space you should have no problem heating your bathroom with just an electric towel rail.

Towel warmers are incredibly safe and there is no risk of them overheating. A rail that puts out 100w, for example, cannot produce more than 100w and therefore will not overheat. All our models are IP rated, both for standard element and remote control programmable element, so you can rest assured your chosen rail is completely safe.

Simply fold them lengthways and hang them between the bars on your heated rail. Try to avoid over-stuffing the towel rails to make sure each towel is making full contact with the bars.

No, electric rails require no plumbing as they create heat from electricity only.

Of course! As per the above question, there is no chance of overheating of any kind and heated towel rails are a great way to quickly dry your wet clothes.

To install your towel rail, you can drill it into your bathroom wall. Simply fit the support anchors and, once complete, hook the rail onto them. If you’re looking to hide any wires away, you can hard wire your towel rail into your bathroom’s electricity. Please note that this must be done by a professional electrician.

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To heat your 2 , you need a minimum wattage of w.

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This product is fully Lot 20 EcoDesign compliant – meeting the EU’s efficiency standard. Our Intelligent Control System ensures this product minimises wasted energy.

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