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6 Reasons to Go For An Electric Radiator

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Sadly many people choose to save money over their personal comfort. Whether this is buying cheap clothing or less tasty meals, the basic human need for warmth shouldn’t be compromised. As energy bills steadily climb, many families are looking to keep warm and save money. Developments in electric radiators mean that keeping warm whatever the weather and not spending a fortune on electricity is a real possibility. Keep reading for more reasons why you should invest in an electric radiator as a solution for heating your home.

Heating When You Need It

An electric radiator allows you to have heat in your space as and when you need it. The beauty of electric radiators is that you can choose to have instant heat, or a gentle warmth in certain rooms. By heating only the rooms you are using, you will not only save money, you’ll save electricity too.

Digital Thermostat

Most people will remember the day of the thermostat as a small dial on the wall. It was hugely difficult to get an exact heat, and far too easy for someone to run up and change move the dial to too hot, or too cold. Electric radiators have digital thermostats which mean you can easily heat the room at the perfect temperature. The electric radiator will then reach the set temperature and then turn off. This means the room will never become over stuffy. Being able to set the ideal temp for each room also means you’ll always be comfortable at home.

Programmable Settings to Suit You

Electric radiators also have the added benefit of having 24/7 programming. This means you can have truly flexible, bespoke heating that suits your schedule and day to day life. You can choose to have certain temperatures at night, cooler temperatures during the day so you get the heat you need to suit your life. You could even programme certain rooms, such as children’s rooms to be warmer at night, and your own room cooler. Electric radiators provide the perfect solution to heating a busy family room. Just remember to rest your programmes twice a year to suit the season.

No Servicing Needed

There are many reasons electric radiators are so popular, especially for rental homes and mobile homes. You don’t need to have them serviced each year or have them pass particular checks by landlords. You don’t need to check any fuel levels, just ensure all of the radiators are safely installed and you’re good to go.

Easy and Quick to Install

Electric radiators can be easily and quickly installed by anyone with basic DIY skills and the equipment. Simple ensure you aren’t drilling into any pipes and wiring and you will be surprised just how quickly you will have your radiator installed.

Elegant and Modern Designs

Old fashioned radiators are an eyesore that end up dominating the room with their dull colours. However new radiators are ideal for homes of any age and style. From adornign your bathroom to keeping your hallways warm and cosy, there are many ways electric radiators can benefit your home life and your budget.

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