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How To Heat Your Loft Conversion


Everyone knows that heat rises, so why do you even have to think about how to heat your new loft conversion? Shouldn’t your existing central heating just take care of the job?

Well, it might come as a surprise that loft conversions can often be one of the chilliest rooms in the house. Chances are they’re well-insulated from downstairs, and there’s only the roof standing between your new room and the outside. You may not notice when the sun is pouring in through your velux windows, but the British winter gets very chilly!

Many people opt for large, open-plan loft conversions to take full advantage of the space available. This makes for a wow-factor room, but it also creates a large space that needs heating. Of course, one option is to extend your existing plumbing during the build to plumb in a new radiator or two. This should be done by a qualified plumber, and you will need to check that your boiler can handle the increased load. You might lose quite a bit of wall space to traditional radiators, and for many people space is at a premium making this a less-than-ideal solution. 

One of the most popular choices for modern loft conversions is an electric radiator like our slimline radiator. With an extremely slim profile you can maximise the floor space available, and all you need to fit it is a plug socket nearby. Many of our customers like the fact they can install their new radiator themselves without creating any mess or having to hire a tradesperson. 

The design of our slimline radiator fits in with modern decor schemes, making it an easy choice for design-conscious DIY’ers. If your loft conversion doesn’t have much wall space you can even add optional foot supports to position the radiator exactly where you need it, leaving plenty of room for all your furniture.

There are a couple of unique features of our electric radiators that make them even more perfect for extensions, and for loft conversions in particular. First, the intelligent thermostat monitors room temperature and only uses as much heat output as necessary before the desired temperature is reached. This means you can set it up once, and on days when your loft gets lots of sunshine and heat, your radiator has a much lower output than on cold and chilly days. Whatever the weather, your room stays comfortable and therefore useable. 

Loft conversions are often used as master bedroom suites, and this is where the second unique feature comes in. Our slimline radiator is absolutely silent during operation, so no matter how much heat output you need you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep with no interruption from noisy heating. 

With prices starting from just £199 per radiator, and sizes from 500W to 2000W, there’s a slimline radiator to suit any size of loft conversion. They’re so easy to install, your room will be cosy in no time!

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