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What to Consider When Buying Electric Radiators

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We have spoken before about the cost efficiencies available when choosing to heat your home with electric radiators. We know electric radiators they energy efficient too, so you are looking at savings on your electricity bill whatever you choose. However here are some important things to consider when looking at which electric radiator to buy, and hopefully they will help make your choice a little easier.

How Big Are Your Rooms?

In order to ensure you get the best experience from your radiator it is important, well pretty vital actually, to consider the size of space you will be heating.  A tiny heater in a huge room will not offer an effective heat solution and you may feel like you have be misled.  However, ensuring that you have the dimensions of the room to hand, mean you can best calculate what size of electric radiator to purchase.  If the heater is to be moved between rooms, take into account the largest space.

Go For a Thermostat

Electric radiators that have a thermostat are by far and away the best choice.  It wouldn’t make sense to purchase one that did not have this control. In the example above where a heater will be moved between rooms, you can still ensure the smaller room is heated to the right temperature without cooking the occupants, and the frost free functionality means a room never need to get too cold before the heater kicks in.  You might pay a little more for an electric radiator with a thermostat but you will find the level of control so much better than those without.

Programming Functionality

Another great tool of the modern electric radiator is the electronic magic that lies within.  Yes the thermostat is in place to ensure you have the perfect heat, but what about if you are out at work all day.  Heating an empty room is not so cost effective.  The frost free function means the room will never drop below a certain heat, but other than that you will come home to a cool room.  If you have a programmable radiator you can set it to come on an hour before you get home and your room will be perfect when you arrive.  It also means if you go away for a couple of days you can protect your home from the effects of cold by setting the heating to come on for a period every day.

Pleasing to the Eye

Once you have narrowed your choice of heater to accurately match the needs of the rooms and your lifestyle, you can then consider aesthetics.  Of course it is nice to choose a heater you really like the look of, and there are some different designs on offer that will really compliment your decor, whether you choose to wall mount it or leave it freestanding. Wall mounting is really simple and only requires minimal DIY skills, just be sure to have a pipe and cable detector before you begin so there are no nasty surprises.


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