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Which are the Thinnest Electric Radiators?

Slimline Digital Radiator

Many of our customers want to save space in their homes, and are looking for a heating system that’s smaller and more streamlined that their current water-filled radiators. These are often large, clunky and take up a lot of wall-space in the room, with furniture having to fit around them in set configurations. 

Our slimline electric radiators offer a great alternative, and people often find it surprising just how slim they are. Although they come in wattages from 500W right up to 2000W, they are only 60mm in depth. If you’re unsure just how slim this is, we recommend that you measure the width of your current radiators – you might be surprised at how far they stick out from the wall!

A great advantage of fitting a slimline radiator is just how much space you can gain in your home, not just in terms of how far the radiator juts out, but the amount of wall space it takes up in total. Many traditional radiators are quite long – they might run underneath a whole window for example, whereas our electric radiators are far more compact, meaning you can place them in many different areas of your room depending on your furniture layout. If you’re unsure where to place your new radiator, why not invest in some free-standing feet initially, whilst you decide on the best location?

A slim and compact design doesn’t mean that these electric radiators aren’t powerful. With 6 size options available they’re perfect for heating large rooms as well as smaller spaces, and their directional air vent means that warm air is guided into the room, improving heat circulation in your home. Of course, they’re also ultra-efficient, and many customers report saving up to 50% on their heating bill after swapping out their old radiators for new slimline ones.

For more information on this range, take a look at the product page

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