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Intelligent Control System (ICS)

Intelligent Control System (ICS)

Best Electric Radiators thermostats are highly responsive and allow maximum control and flexibility of your room temperature.

Intelligent Control System (ICS) prevents overheating or underheating by closely monitoring the air temperature in the room - represented by the green line on the illustration.  As the room begins to reach your desired temperature the thermostat will regulate the amount of electricity used by your radiator to prevent temperature overshooting.  It is this advanced technology which is essential to minimising electricity wastage and maximixing energy efficiency.  When the optimum room temperature is reached our electric radiators will maintain the air temperature by simply topping up the heat when required keeping the room temperature within 0.3 degrees of your target temperature at all times.  This is the most effective method of regulating room temperature.

Traditional heating solutions are represented by the wavy grey line.  They are unable to deliver and maintain an accurate and even temperature distribution giving rise to overshooting and undershooting by up to 3 degrees.  Temperature overshooting is considered 100% energy wastage whereas temperature undershooting will leave you feeling cold!

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