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Slimline Digital Electric Radiator

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With over 25,000 units sold so far, the Slimline Digital is one of the UKs most popular electric radiators. Combining superb energy efficiency with sleek and stylish looks it can be easily installed in any room. And thanks to the simple digital controls, you’ll get exactly the right amount of heat when and where you need it.

  • Ultra energy efficient


  • UK's slimmest radiator

    Slim profile
    (60mm wide)

  • Intelligent heat management


  • 100% silent


Lower energy bills

With its Intelligent Temperature Control system, the Slimline Digital radiator has been specifically designed to significantly reduce energy bills.

By continually monitoring room temperature and calculating the exact amount of power needed, you’ll get the heat you need without wasting a single unit of electricity.

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Installs in minutes

The Slimline Digital electric radiator can be installed by anyone, anywhere.

With clear instructions, templates for correctly positioning the fixings, and wall brackets suitable for any type of surface, you’ll be feeling the warmth in no time. And if you do get stuck, just remember we’re only a phone call away.

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Completely silent operation

Thanks to a TRIAC cut-off control system, with silica elements means the Slimline Digital is 100% silent throughout the heating cycle.

So, whether it’s a perfect night’s sleep or peace and quiet throughout your home or office, you’ll be able to feel the warmth without hearing the slightest murmur from your new radiator.

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Energy Efficient

  • Intelligent Temperature Control System

    Intelligent Temperature Control System (ITCS) precisely regulates room temperature by topping up heat when needed

  • High grade materials

    High grade materials deliver the right amount of heat quickly and efficiently

  • convection and radiant heat

    Uses both convection and radiant heat to provide an even temperature throughout your room

  • LOT20 compliant

    Fully compliant with the European energy saving directive LOT20

  • 6 size options

    6 size options from 600W to 2000W

Sleek and Stylish Designed for the modern home or office

  • 60mm depth

    With a true depth of just 60mm the Slimline Digital blends perfectly with any room

  • Easy installation

    Can be easily mounted on to any wall or left free-standing with optionally supplied feet

  • Lightweight

    Lightweight and stylish with a modern feel

  • Directional air vents

    Directional air vents protect your wall from any discolouration

Easier to useInstalls in minutes, heats for years

  • Fully programmable digital thermostat

    Fully programmable digital thermostat provides the heat you need, when you need it

  • Automatic cut out system

    Automatic cut out system prevents overheating

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation using the supplied 1 metre cable, plug and wall mounting brackets

  • Totally silent

    Totally silent operation means it’s perfect for any room

  • Long-life battery

    Long-life battery ensures timer and personalised programmes are maintained

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Select Your Radiator Size

  • Reset Calculator
Slimline Digital 600Watt Electric Radiator



Up to


W: 460mm x H: 582mm x D: 60mm


£199.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 900Watt Electric Radiator



Up to


W: 560mm x H: 582mm x D: 60mm


£249.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 1200Watt Electric Radiator



Up to


W: 620mm x H: 582mm x D: 60mm


£299.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 1500Watt Electric Radiator



Up to


W: 780mm x H: 582mm x D: 60mm


£349.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Digital 2000Watt Electric Radiator



Up to


W: 1100mm x H: 582mm x D: 60mm


£429.00 (Incl. VAT)

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    Free delivery UK wide

    Order before 11:00 am and your new radiator will be delivered in just 48 hours, anywhere in the UK.

  • Free 10-year guarantee

    Free 10-year guarantee

    Built to last and backed by a 2 year warranty on all electrical components and 10 years on everything else.

  • Free telephone support

    Free telephone support

    For as long as you keep it, our friendly expert team will help you get the most from your radiator.

Technical Specs

What's in the box

All our radiators come with a 1 metre power cable and moulded plug, wall fixings and posioning templates, screws and wall plugs. They also come with a guarantee that if you need a lile help or advice, one of our experts will talk you through every step of the process.

Power Cable

1 metre power cable and moulded plug

Wall Plugs

Screws & Wall Plugs


Positioning Templates


Wall Fixings

Ideal Heating Solution For...

Living Rooms | Dining Rooms | Bedrooms | Kitchens | Conservatories | Extensions | Lofts/Attics | Renovations | New Builds | Offices and Commercial Premises | Hallways | Full Central Heating Replacements | Ideal Replacement For Storage Heaters

Size Guide

WattageWidth (mm)Height(mm)Depth (mm)
600 450 582 60
750 540 582 60
900 560 582 60
1200 620 582 60
1500 780 582 60
2000 1100 582 60

Wattage Guide

Room size (m2)Wattage Required
Low / Old InsulationHigh / New Insulation
5 7 600
6 8 750
8 10 900
11 13 1200
14 16 1500
19 21 2000

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