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Social Housing Electric Central Heating Systems

Social Housing Central Heating Systems

Best Electric Radiators supply housing associations with efficient and cost effective heating appliances such as Electric Radiators, Panel Heaters and Towel Rails.

All our electric heating products are exclusive to Best Electric Radiators and provide cheap and controllable heat helping to reduce heating bills by up to 30%!

Heating homes with Electric Radiators is becoming more and more popular as the price divide between electricity and gas reduces.  Significant advances in Electric Radiator technology have provided home owners and tenants with an economical and reliable heating solution.

The Benefits of Electric Radiators in Social Housing

Running Costs:.  General maintenance and upkeep of electric radiators is inexpensive. 

Controllability.  Electric radiators heat up very quickly in comparison to Gas Central Heating systems providing almost instant heat!  Our digital thermostats give full control of heat output 24 hours / 7 days a week.
Social Housing Electric Central Heating Systems
Efficiency.  Built-in digital thermostats regulate the room temperate more accurately preventing temperature over/under shooting and wasted energy.

Topping up Heat. Electric radiators can be used in tangent with current central heating systems giving the comfort of ‘back up heat’ when it is most needed.

Servicing. No annual service required.   

Installation.  Quick, simple and cost free.


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