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Electric Radiators or Storage Heaters, which is best?

Electric Radiator

Electric radiators have long had the reputation of being used to cheaply install a heat source that wasn’t so cheap to run. In the past electric radiators consumed a lot of energy and didn’t always provide the best performance. Electric radiators were used in conjunction with poor performing central heating which meant an even bigger energy bill and a frustrated homeowner.

In reaction to this storage heaters gained popularity as they were one of the most reliable ways to heat a home using electricity. A storage heater in principle was a good idea, it was designed to run on the cheaper rates of electricity during off peak hours. The storage heater would then slowly release the heat over the day time, in theory being cheaper to run to electric radiators.

There are however some disadvantages to storage heaters which in our experience renders them less than ideal. As a storage heater has no thermostat it’s difficult to control the distribution of heat. This means for a less than comfortable heating experience for everyone at home during the day. If you are out at work during the daytime then you will also find that storage heaters are simply a waste of heat in an empty space. No one wants to come home to a chilly house.

Electrical radiators save the day

The good news is that those who have storage heaters can easily change to electric radiators. Electric radiator technology have come on leaps and bounds, making them as impressive as a smart phone. With a range of features like fully programmable thermostat and timers, homeowners finally have the power back in their hands when it comes to heating with electricity.

Stylish designs

Storage heaters take up a lot of space and collect dust which can leave an unpleasant odour. Our Electrical radiators offer you a superb choice of elegant, minimalist designs that would look ideal in a traditional Victorian terrace or right at home in a new build.

Easy installation or flexibility

Anyone with basic DIY skills, a drill and a pipe detector can easily install an electric radiator anywhere in their home they need. It’s important to be able to put your heater in the best place in a room, such ason an internal wall. So long as there is an electric socket nearby you can choose to place a slimline radiator anywhere that doesn’t interfere with your room layout.

Some radiators come with supportive feet should you wish to have the radiator free standing for a short term heating solution.

Radiators that keep a room at perfect temperature

What’s your perfect temperature? Whether it’s a toasty 21 degrees or a cooler 18 degrees, an electric radiator can let you keep your room at a constant heat. An electric radiator with anti frost settings will also turn on when the temperature drops below 5 degrees which helps prevent issues with damp.

In all, the storage heaters were thought to be useful in the past. However, as electric radiators have become powerhouses of efficiency, they really are the way forward.

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