Electric Towel Rails – Total Efficiency, Exquisite Elegance

Electric Towel Rails

Here at Best Electric Radiators we’re often asked – what’s the benefit of electric towel rails over the conventional? Isn’t it just as easy to have a standard towel rail plumbed in, or to replace the existing bathroom radiator with a convenient towel rail?

Realistically speaking, when it comes to getting the job done – both will do just that. The vast majority of heated towel rails installed in bathrooms these days are connected directly to the home’s central heating system and function like standard radiators. But while it’s true to say that they can definitely get the job done, does this necessarily mean that they can get the job done as well as the alternative?

If the alternative in question is a high quality electric towel rail, the answer is no – they can’t!

A Question of Efficiency

While it’s not to take anything away from conventional towel rails in terms of delivering the goods, there is simply no comparison to electric towel rails when it comes to efficiency. Why? Well, for the simple reason that if you intend to continue using your heated towel rail throughout the year, you are going to have to continually use your central heating system throughout the year as well.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing during the winter, given the fact that you will most likely have your heating system switched on at all times anyway. But when you think about the warmer months of the year when central heating really isn’t necessary, this means you are left with one of two choices. The first choice is that of firing up your entire central heating system just for the sake of a towel rail, while the second is to not bother using the towel rail at all.

Suffice to say, you are looking at something of a compromise, whichever way you go.

The Electric Alternative

Electric heating devices may have traditionally been ineffective and expensive to run, but things literally couldn’t be more different these days. Here at Best Electric Radiators, we specialise solely in the kinds of heating devices that have been designed from the ground up to save you money. And not just save you money, but perform better than the alternative in every way.

The beauty of an electric towel rail is the way in which you are free to use it at any time it is required, switching it off and saving electricity at all other times.  And when the time comes to use it when the central heating system is not needed, you do not need to fire up the system just to keep your towels dry. It is a completely independent system that is in no way connected to your home’s central heating, therefore making it an infinitely more efficient solution.

An Aesthetic Accent

Along with outstanding performance, a high-quality towel rail can also add a distinct aesthetic accent to any bathroom. We’ve worked hard to design and develop a series of superior heated towel rails, which along with delivering unrivalled efficiency are also suitable for any existing interior décor.

For more information or to discuss an order, get in touch with our friendly service team today on 01423 733000.

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