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Heat Your Garage Conversion with Electric Radiators


In cities where space is at a premium, you’ll find all types of extensions have been created from garages. Now when creating these new spaces most homeowners are a strict budget. Laying down new pipes and paying for gas radiators could cost a lot. The current boiler might not support heating another space and this could impact on the rest of the home. What’s the solution? It’s simpler than you think.

Electric Radiators, the Unlike Contender

Electric radiators are still shedding their reputation as energy eaters with little heat output. The modern electric radiator couldn’t be further from the old myth. The modern electric radiator is the perfect solution for heating your extended space, especially garages. If you’re letting the garage space out as a spareroom for travelling guests, this type of electric radiator ensures the room will be toasty.

Full Control When You Need It

Having full control of the heating is essential when other people are using your extended space. There are options available on electric radiators that mean you can even use a remote to keep an eye on the level of heat in the room. Never worry again about the heating being left on all day. Programming your electric radiator also ensures that you can maximise heat effectively.

Cut Down On Silly Overheads

When letting out your spareroom or garage space, websites can take a cut of your costs. Add in tax and other running costs you’ll find there’s not much left over. Energy is expensive, but electric radiators can help you control your energy bill spend.

Sleek And Modern Appeal

Each electric radiator is built to last and also looks fantastic. The old fashioned storage heaters that look gray or yellowed with age are a thing of the past. They certainly have no place in your newly decorated extension. Our range of electric radiators are modern in design and technology.

Heat The Bathroom Too

When taking tenants or guests into your extension or converted garage, you may find that the bathroom could be cool. An electric towel rail is the answer to storage and heating problems. Both practical and pretty, chrome heated towel rails will keep towels warm and the room cosy.

Not Converting Your Garage- You Still Need an Electric Radiator

Whether you’re still deciding to convert your garage into extra living space, you can still benefit from having electric radiators in there. As the garage can tend not to have any source of heating or insulation, the space could at risk of damp. If you’re a car lover (classic or modern) you’ll know the value and struggle of keeping your cars free from damp. Electric radiators have a feature that allows them to kick in if the room drops below a certain temperature. This ensures the room received a ‘top up’ of heat to keep the temperature steady.

Take a look at our garage electric radiators.

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