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Heating Your Garage


Classic cars have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, not only as an investment but – for a lot of people – as the culmination of a childhood dream. Many of us had posters of our dream car on the wall as children, and now find ourselves able to buy them. Whether we drive them every day or just tinker with them on the weekends, one thing is common to classic cars – they need care, attention, and quite preferably a garage to keep them in over winter. 

If you’re wintering your classic car or just using your garage as an indoor workshop, things are sure to get pretty chilly in the coming months. Garages – particularly older ones – are often built with thin walls, no insulation, single-glazed windows and hard concrete floors. All of which add up to one very cold room

So how can you make your garage a bit more visitor-friendly? Well, one of the most important things you can do to your garage is to add a bit of heating.

Any self-respecting home mechanic will already have installed electric power to their garage – not least for lighting, but also to plug in power tools and appliances. The great thing is that all you need to install one of our electric radiators is a plug socket nearby – it really is that simple. 

Our electric radiators fix onto the wall just like traditional ones – with metal brackets. If you find drilling into your brick garage wall a bit tricky there’s another solution; some feet to turn your radiator into a free-standing appliance. This allows you to place it in the most convenient area, and also to move it around the room as needed. Perfect if you’re working in a tight space.

So how much will one of our radiators cost? Well, our slimline radiator costs as little as £199 for a 500W model, and this should heat a room about 5m2

The running costs are also extremely low, thanks to the intelligent control system and built-in thermostat. Firstly, you can set the radiator to come on at specific times of the day – for example when you know you’ll be working in the garage. Secondly, you can set the desired room temperature, which is great to keep the heat topped up to a comfortable level without wasting energy.

An electric radiator is the perfect solution then for heating a garage, making it comfortable to work in over the winter. We always recommend that people think about how they can make their room even more insulated and eco-friendly, and this applies even more to garages. Adding some cavity wall insulation, double glazing or even a draught-excluder to the door can keep your heating costs down and your garage extra cosy during the coming months.

Take a look at our garage electric radiators.

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