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Heating your Home Office

Heating you home office

For those who tend to work from home a lot, one of the main struggles often faced is keeping the office warm. You may work out of a spare bedroom or have the luxury to work in a detached office in your garden or above your garage. A warm workspace has numerous benefits, especially on productivity and health levels. The summer months can be bearable but as it gets cooler some may hesitate to turn on the heating until it gets very cold.

Electric radiators are easy to install

As we know, home offices can be a variety of locations, from a spare room to a glorified shed in the garden, but that sometimes means that heating them is not accounted for with the main home.  There are many benefits to installing electric radiators in your office, and the ease with which that can be achieved is one of them.  Because they are quite light they can be attached to a wall with very basic DIY skills.  Do take care to check for electric cables and water pipes before you try and drill into walls!

Electric radiators are easy to control

For many people, their home office is a compact space, so getting the temperature just right can be tricky.  An electric radiator gives you the ultimate in control, as you can adjust the thermostat to suit your own body heat preferences.  Remember that some garden offices can be lacking in insulation when compared to a standard build but there are things you can do to increase the ability to keep warm by utilising heavy curtains and draught excluders.  Having an electric radiator also means the room can be kept frost free – the thermostat will automatically trigger the heating to kick in if the temperature reaches a minimum of 5 degrees. This is a massive benefit for preventing damp but also helps protect valuable computer equipment that will not do well if it gets that cold.  If your office is in the house it means that you do not have one significantly colder room, and starting work in the morning is not such a shock.

Electric radiators look good

Another issue with home offices is often space.  For many people the benefits of working from home far outweigh going to the office, and if you are self employed you save yourself a lot of money by not having to rent office space.  However, sometimes this means taking a smaller space like the spare room or summer house in order to create a definition from your relaxation and home space and your workspace.  This can mean that you are tight for space, but thankfully the range of electric radiators is huge, they are slimline and neat, and getting one that looks good but doesn’t take up too much valuable space is easy. They do not take up anything like the space that storage heaters used to and also do not act as dust collectors either which is another bonus.

Electric radiators make the best choice

As you can see there are many benefits to choosing an electric radiator to heat your home office.  Compared to storage heaters they are easy and more flexible to control, offering heat during the day when you need it most.  When pitted against electric fan heaters they are cheaper and more efficient to run, which will save you pounds on your energy bill.  Overall they are the smart choice for spaces that need controllable, reliable heat and your home office is no exception.  Have a look at electric radiators today!

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