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Saving on your Electricity Bill in your Second Home

Second Home Electric Radiator

If you own a second home for work or holiday purposes, you’ll know what it’s like to juggle more than a few bills! Whether you use your second home a few times a month or a few times a year, heating it whilst you’re away can end up being costly. This blog covers some ways you can use electric radiators to heat your second home efficiently without breaking the bank.

Central heating or electric heating?

Traditionally central heating has delivered the best heating solution for homeowners. However for a second or holiday home central heating may not be the best form of heating to have. If you are away for long periods you can risk issues with leaks, which can cause untold damage.

If your second home needs a new central heating system installed, this could cost you thousands and could result in a huge disturbance to your home. Electric radiators alternatively take less time to install and can be placed anywhere in your rooms wherever there is a wall socket.

Delivering energy efficiency around the clock

Depending on the layout of your second home you may need different temperatures. Central heating is ideal for delivering even heating all day but electric radiators can be independently programmed at different times to deliver the perfect temperature. Programming the radiators to deliver a certain temperature at certain times means your home is protected during the colder months. This helps to reduce issues with damp and in the long run keeps energy costs down.

Slimline Digital Electric Radiators have a huge range of benefits from a sleek, non disruptive design to lightweight (easy to install with basic DIY skills).

Cut off safety features

Overheating is a big concern for second home owners. What happens if your central heating overheats for too long and causes damage? That will cost a lot to put right.

Our electric radiators have a range of safety features that offer second home owners peace of mind. In the event of one of our radiators overheating the cut off system ensures the radiator turns off quickly.

Slimline towel radiators in the bathrooms

Slimline radiators are the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Electric towel radiators are a stylish option for when you want some warm, toasty towels outside of the winter months. Recent improvements in electric radiator technology means you’re more in control of heating your bathroom than ever before.

Browse our range of stunning electric towel radiators here.

Electric radiators saving you money every day

If you’re still undecided as to whether you should take the plunge and use electric radiators to heat your second home, our Intelligent Control System (ICS) in each radiator helps you to keep costs down. This is done by ensuring that each room is kept to a set temperature consistently. By being sensible about programming the digital thermostat in each radiator you can see a significant reduction in your electricity bill.

Electric radiators really do offer second home owners many great advantages.

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