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Tips for Landlords to Keep Their Rental Properties Warm over Winter

Tips for Landlords to Keep Their Rental Properties Warm over Winter

As a landlord, your property is your biggest asset. In order to protect its value and make it attractive to prospective tenants, you need to ensure it’s kept in good condition. One of the biggest areas for concern is tenants being able to keep the property warm over winter. As a landlord, you do have some responsibility, but there are some ways to go above and beyond. Here, we offer some useful tips to keep your rental property warm over winter.

Do Regular Checks of the Property, Especially the Roof

One of the biggest causes of problems in a rental property is the roof. The roof is pretty essential and any holes could be causing unseen damage for months. This can include damp and wood rot, which could compromise the structure of the property over time. Any cracked or missing tiles should be replaced right away and any cracks in the chimney fixed. This will help keep your property cosy during winter.

Put down Insulation

Insulation is a key way of stopping heat from leaving a building. It’s quite cheap and easy to fit, so if your property doesn’t have any in place, or it’s old, it’s time to consider putting some down. There are local schemes that can install new insulation for free and take away the old insulation.

Keep an Eye on the Guttering

It’s surprising how a handful of rotten leaves can affect your property. Clogged guttering is one of the ways a property can suffer from damp and water ingress. It’s good practise to check the guttering a few times a year and replace any old or broken pieces.

Consider Upgrading Your Double Glazing

There’s little point having insulation and heating in the property if draughts are getting in. Old windows and doors are a key reason for the internal temperature dropping during winter. Double or even triple glazing prevents heat from being lost as quickly, and new windows and doors will make a huge difference. They can also help update the look of your property and increase its value in the long term.

Consider a More Efficient Heating System

Whether your rental property is a house, a flat, or a house in multiple occupation, you need an efficient heating system that will adequately heat the property without breaking the bank for you or the tenant. Electric radiators are a cost-effective way of updating a heating system. Electric radiators are an attractive, efficient way to heat a home throughout the year and keep your tenants feeling cosy during the winter.

Key features include huge savings on electric bills and better use of heat through pre-programmed settings. Electric radiators are easy to install and only require basic tools, a little DIY knowledge, and a plug nearby. They can also be good for supporting a current heating system or heating a home where there is no mains gas.


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