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Use Freestanding Radiators To Heat Cold Spots In Your House

Electric Radiator Feet

You might have radiators in every single room, but many houses are still prone to cold spots. This could be because of a draught or insufficient insulation, or just because the room is large and difficult to heat. If your house suffers from chilly areas, a freestanding radiator could be the perfect solution. 

Freestanding Radiators

When you think of a freestanding radiator, you might think of a old-fashioned fan heater or a clunky oil-filled radiator, using lots of energy in an extremely noisy fashion. Luckily, home heating has come a long way in recent years and freestanding radiators are now sleek, silent and – more importantly – efficient at heating your home.

One option is our comfort-control oil-filled radiator. As the name suggests, it’s oil filled for maximum heat retention, but unlike traditional oil-filled heaters it’s practically silent so won’t disturb your peace and quiet. Like all our electric radiators, this model is fully programmable on a 24/7 basis, so you can set it to come on when you need it most. There are 5 sizes available from 450W to 1450W, so whether you’re heating a small or a large room there’s a size to suit, and with a modern white finish it fits into any decor scheme. This radiator is easy to set up and go as it just plugs in – you only need a socket nearby, and as it can be freestanding, you can move it around your room or your house whenever you need to.

A second option that’s perfect for smaller rooms is our slimline digital radiator. This has a profile of just 60mm making it perfect for flats, hallways or any room where you’re short on space. Again, this radiator is fully programmable and ultra-efficient, and it can be placed anywhere within reach of a plug. 

One great advantage of choosing a freestanding radiator is that you can literally plug it in and go – there’s no need to install brackets on the wall so if you’re not very keen on DIY it’s the perfect way to heat your home quickly and easily. Both of the radiators above can be fitted to the wall, or become freestanding units with the addition of optional foot supports. These fit all sizes of radiator and are incredibly easy to add to the unit. 

If you’d like more information about our freestanding electric radiators, get in touch on 01423 733000.

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