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Slimline Curve Electric Radiator

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With the latest intelligent heat management technology and easy access digital controls, we’ve made one of the most popular and energy efficient radiators in the UK even cheaper to run, better to look at and easier to use then ever before.

  • Ultra energy efficient

    Ultra energy efficient

  • UK's slimmest radiator

    UK's slimmest radiator

  • Intelligent heat management

    Intelligent heat management

  • 100% silent

    100% silent

Optimal energy usage
for maximum savings

The Slimline Curve electric radiator does so much more than simply optimise the amount of heat produced for every unit of electricity.

Using the very latest advances in intelligent heat management, your ideal room temperature is dynamically maintained by simply topping up the heat as and when it’s needed. It’s even clever enough to sense a drop in temperature caused by an open window or door so that, rather than wasting money trying to heat an extra room, or even the street outside, power consumption is automatically paused to avoid wasting even the smallest amount of energy.

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Ultra slim for maximum
flexibility and style

With a profile of just 51mm, the Slimline Curve is the UK's slimmest radiator.

This makes it ideal for hallways, conservatories, or any room where space is at a premium. Even if you’re not short on space, the ultra slim profile means it blends perfectly into your home, office or garden building. And whether your walls are brick, plaster, wood or wallpaper, with precision controls directing heat directly into the room, your décor stays protected and looking like new.

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Totally silent heating
for any room

Unlike many other forms of electric heating, or lower quality electric radiators, the Slimline Curve is totally silent.

We can say this because it uses a solid state TRIAC cut-off control system to prevent the sort of sounds associated with electrical relays. Its unique aluminium construction also means that the panels are unable to flex and contract during heating or cooling. All of this makes it perfect for bedrooms or any other space where there is very little ambient noise to distract your ear from the creaking, whirring or tapping sounds you may have previously experienced.

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Cheaper to runSave up to 50% on your heating bills

  • PID Controller

    PID controller continually monitors and adjusts the power used for maximum energy efficency

  • Intelligent temperature control system (ITCS)

    Intelligent temperature control system (ITCS) anticipates the exact amount of heat needed

  • Precision thermostatic temperature sensor

    Precision thermostatic temperature sensor accurate to 0.1C

  • Open Window Technology

    Open Window Technology senses open doors and windows to prevent energy wastage

  • 600W to 2000W

    5 size options from 600W to 2000W

  • LOT20 compliant

    Fully compliant with the European energy saving directive LOT20

  • Convection and radiance heat distribution

    Uses both convection and radiance to evenly distribute heat

Better to look at It looks as good as it heats

  • White and Anthracite

    Available in both traditional white and new Anthracite

  • Quality

    Outstanding build quality with a distinctive quality feel

  • Wall Mounted

    Can be used anywhere with easy wall mounting fixtures and optional free-standing feet

  • directional heat vent

    Protects walls from discolouration by directing heat directly into the room

Easier to useFrom box to wall in just a few minutes

  • Fully programmable

    Choose between handy pre-set options or create your own custom programme

  • Anti-frost mode

    Anti-frost mode automatically prevents temperatures falling below 5 degrees

  • Long-life battery

    Long-life battery protects timer and programme settings

  • Eay installation

    Quick and easy installation using detachable 1m power cable, wall brackets and fixing template

  • Safety system

    Safety cut out protects the system from overheating

  • Quick glance energy meter

    Quick glance energy meter provides accurate power consumption figures

  • Baby-care function

    Baby-care function automatically controls the surface temperature

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Select Your Radiator Size

  • Reset Calculator
Slimline Curve 600Watt Electric Radiator


Up to


W: 458mm x H: 500mm x D: 51mm


£229.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Curve 900Watt Electric Radiator


Up to


W: 620mm x H: 500mm x D: 51mm


£279.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Curve 1200Watt Electric Radiator


Up to


W: 781mm x H: 500mm x D: 51mm


£329.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Curve 1500Watt Electric Radiator


Up to


W: 942mm x H: 500mm x D: 51mm


£379.00 (Incl. VAT)
Slimline Curve 2000Watt Electric Radiator


Up to


W: 1104mm x H: 500mm x D: 51mm


£429.00 (Incl. VAT)

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    Free delivery UK wide

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  • Free 10-year guarantee

    Free 10-year guarantee

    Built to last and backed by a 2 year warranty on all electrical components and 10 years on everything else.

  • Free telephone support

    Free telephone support

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Technical Specs

What's in the box

All our radiators come with a 1 metre power cable and moulded plug, wall fixings and posioning templates, screws and wall plugs. They also come with a guarantee that if you need a lile help or advice, one of our experts will talk you through every step of the process.

1 metre power cable

1 metre power cable and moulded plug

Screws & Wall Plugs

Screws & Wall Plugs

Positioning Templates

Positioning Templates

Wall Fixings

Wall Fixings

Ideal Heating Solution For...

Living Rooms | Dining Rooms | Bedrooms | Kitchens | Conservatories | Extensions | Lofts/Attics | Renovations | New Builds | Offices and Commercial Premises | Hallways | Full Central Heating Replacements | Ideal Replacement For Storage Heaters

Size Guide

WattageWidth (mm)Height(mm)Depth (mm)
600 458 500 51
900 620 500 51
1200 781 500 51
1500 942 500 51
2000 1104 500 51

Wattage Guide

Room size (m2)Wattage Required
Low / Old InsulationHigh / New Insulation
5 7 600
8 10 900
11 13 1200
14 16 1500
19 21 2000

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