Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Wall mounting your electric radiator heaters will allow it to fit seamlessly into your life style and home décor. Each Electric Radiator comes complete with a wall mounting installation kit to help fix your electric radiator to the wall.The kit comprises of the following:
  • Screws
  • Brackets
  • Cardboard Guide (remove from the top of the radiator boxed packaging)

How to wall mount your electric radiator?

Please ensure you follow the illustrated steps on the user manual to hang and install your radiator.

A. Take the radiator out of its packaging and choose where to hang it. Please note
the minimum distances required around the heater.

B. Remove the cardboard guide from the lid of the box and place it at the correct height. We suggest using a leveller to ensure the radiator is hung square. Using the holes as your guide, mark where the brackets need to be positioned.

C. Drill and plug the holes.

D. Screw the brackets to hold the radiator into place, using the screws and washers provided.

E. Place the unit so that the brackets fit into the slot that has the upper profile of the radiator.

F. Guide the radiator onto the holders of the wall brackets and screw fixation.

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Wall Mounted Electric Radiators