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7 Reasons to Replace Your Portable Heater With an Electric Radiator

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With Autumn on our doorstep and Winter just around the corner, most people living in the United Kingdom start to think about staying warm over the next six months.  Of course, we all know that there are lots of different options.  You may indeed already have a radiator system at home that doesn’t perform as well as it should and perhaps it needs a helping hand. It’s possible that you haven’t had time to install double glazing to keep out the draughts, or you haven’t got round to sealing the gaps in your exterior doors.  In which case, during those cold snaps that are bound to come our way, you might think you need to be reliant on portable heaters to top up the warmth in your home.  However, while most portable heaters do add some heat, installing a new, electric radiator system is a far better way to guarantee you stay nice and toasty!  The bestelectricradiators.co.uk systems look fantastic and are safer, easier and better for you to use. We’re going to take you through the reasons why you should replace your portable heaters with an electric radiator system.

No Boiler Control

You might think that portable heaters are a quick-win.  After all, it’s an expensive process to install brand new gas central heating and a boiler.  Yes, portable heaters are definitely useful as additional heat. Especially if your boiler suddenly cuts out in the middle of winter but actually, there are better systems that won’t leave you worrying about having no heat and they’re immensely affordable.  With an electric radiator you don’t need to run heating off your boiler. So if your boiler breaks down you will still have heat and that’s because electricity controls the system.    Nearly 18% of households experienced a boiler breakdown in 2016. That cost over £787 million to families needing boiler repairs. http://www.cityam.com/259069/boiler-breakdowns-cost-uk-787m-bills-last-year.  If those households had electric heating, they wouldn’t have worried as much about getting cold.

Better Heating Distribution

Portable heaters are useful if you want to heat up a small area of your home but they don’t heat up large areas well at all. As they are small by nature, they take a while to heat up a room and unless you sit with them very close by, you won’t feel the benefit. So if you plan to heat up an entire room, bear in mind that portable heaters take up a lot of energy.  That’s one reason why they’re not the best choice to stay warm.  On the other hand, an electric radiator radiates heat through the front panel and depending on the size of radiator and the size of your room, you get the benefit of thermostat control, quick heat-up and fast warmth that really lasts.

Electric Radiators are Far More Energy Efficient

Portable heaters have their uses, certainly as emergency heating but they aren’t very practical and they’re extremely costly to run.  Many work using a fan system, which means they are powered by electricity to heat up and blow the air into the room.  Others use electricity to heat up panels but the problem is, they don’t really generate that much heat and as mentioned, in a large space, they take a long time to warm up which costs money.

There are different variants of portable heaters.  There are panel heaters, which are the cheapest form of creating extra heat in a room and they work by heating up a panel on the front that then in turn, emits warmth.

There are also blow heaters. They usually heat up using a convection mechanism which uses hot elements to push out the hot air into the room. They’re useful in emergency situations but they are expensive to keep running for a long-term heating solution.

Fan heaters typically cost 28 p per hour to run, an electric radiator costs 21p per hour, that’s a good saving and reason enough to make the switch.  In energy terms, fan heaters usually use 1 or 2 kw/hour of energy. Electric radiators use less than 1 kWh which makes them cheaper than fan heaters to run.

We are not going to deny that gas is available more cheaply in order to heat your home but electric radiators can be cheaper to run because of overall energy efficiency.  Plus they offer exact heating control meaning you can separately heat each room in your home and the thermostat control is extremely accurate.  There’s also no heat-loss from pipes or a boiler and all electricity used is converted into heat.  All of these features means they are actually more energy efficient because of the precision control and they aren’t expensive to install as you can do it yourself, quickly and simply.


The biggest disadvantage in using portable heaters is they can be dangerous.  According to the British Fire Brigade http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/HeatingAndFire.asp portable heaters are the cause of several deaths and numerous fires a year in the UK and that’s because if they’re left too close to flammable material they can catch fire.  Portable heaters are one of the five most common reasons household fires start. They also get very hot (as they should do) and people forget to allow them to cool down when they’re finished using them thus causing skin burns.

Carbon Monoxide Free

While on the subject of safety, using electric radiators to heat your home eliminates any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Boilers and heating systems that use gas need regular servicing (something electric radiators don’t need) and gas radiators have the risk of leaking. That’s where the carbon monoxide danger is.  So, choosing electric radiators means you can have a deliciously warm home without the need to bleed your radiators, check your pipes or service your heating – and keep your family safe too.


With eco-friendly such a high priority for consumers these days, it makes sense to choose electric radiators as they are carbon neutral so there are no pollutants such as carbon dioxide floating in your home’s air.  If you choose a green electricity system in your home then electric radiators become entirely carbon-free!

Electric Radiators Are Infinitely More Stylish

There’s also no doubt that purchasing the right electric radiator is a far more appealing looking product for your home than a portable heater, with its often ungainly appearance and unsightly wires.  Electric radiators from bestelectricradiators.co.uk come in a large variety of styles, colours and sizes including black, white, wavy, straight, vertical, so they easily blend in with your décor. With so many to choose from, there are some incredibly attractive designer-style options.  They are so easily fitted and they sit neatly on a wall plus the benefits of today’s technology give you enormous flexibility as they can even be controlled by Wi-Fi with 24 hour programming.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough reasons to think about installing electric radiators, definitely the heating system of the future.  So stay safe, stay warm and keep your home looking stylish, choose the right electric radiator system for your home here.

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