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What is The Best Heater to Buy for One Room?

Best Heater to Buy For One Room

Electric radiators are heaters that can be easily installed in one room in your home to keep you and your family warm when and where you need it the most. There are many benefits to having one installed including energy efficiency, programmability, and less noise pollution. These benefits exceed those of other heating systems. It is important to know what is the best heater to buy for one room in your home, and while there are many types of electric heating options, electric radiators are the best and most reliable. Homeowners prefer to install them in some rooms of their homes for the best heating results.

What Are Electric Radiators?

While there are various electric heating options, many homeowners find that electric radiators have far more benefits than some of the more traditional heating systems. While there is baseboard heating, floor heating, space heaters, and electric furnaces, they do not have as many benefits, and homeowners really prefer to have a slim and reliable electric radiator that takes up little space in the rooms in their homes.

Electric radiators are slim units installed in different rooms in your house. They work by circulating air through the room by convection and radiation. When the air that has been warmed by the radiator rises, it allows the cooler air to go through the heating process in the radiator. Whereas some heating systems come from a furnace in your basement, electric heaters can be programmed to work only in the rooms you need to.

Why Not Traditional Electric Heaters?

Traditional heating systems have been heating houses and buildings for many years, but it is not always the best solution to your heating needs. Some traditional electric heaters have the risk of fire and electric shock. They can also be super expensive to operate because of the intricate systems that might need to be replaced or repaired. When your central heating system breaks down in your house, the entire system does not work, so none of your rooms can be heated. You and your family are left in the cold. When you have an electric radiator, it is an individual unit, which will help to ensure that you have heat when and where you need it most.

It can be a great addition to your central heating system so that you can have so much more control over which parts of your house are heated and when. Some other traditional heating systems can actually hurt the environment with their emissions, while electric radiators are mostly clean energy that will help keep the environment clean. It can also be a great health benefit since they do not emit fumes into your home, so you and your family will stay healthy. While many homeowners have relied upon traditional heating systems for many years, there is a cleaner and better option for heating your home.

Below are some major benefits of electric radiators and the important aspects you should consider when picking one out.

Energy Efficiency

This is probably the most important consideration when trying to figure out what type of heating is best for your home and the environment. When choosing the best electric radiator, you want to find one that has a great rating for being energy efficient compared to other heating systems. With traditional heating systems, it can usually be an all or nothing way to heat your house. Since the heat source is coming from a central location in your home, the hot air takes time to get to the room in which you want to heat.

You also often have to heat more than one room at a time, even when you are not in there because of the way the system is set up. Electric radiators will also not need to be turned on to heat the room for as long as a central heating system. Since the radiator is targeting one room, and the heat is generated in the individual unit, it heats the space quicker. It is important to consider what is the best heater to buy for one room so that you can eliminate energy waste in your home.

Cost Efficiency

Heating systems can really affect a homeowner’s wallet. It costs a lot of money to cool your house down in the warm months and heat it up in the cold months, and it is something that every house needs in order to be comfortable and lead a productive life. Having an electric radiator can help with cost efficiency. It does not cost a whole bunch of money to purchase and install, so that is a great start.

It can also help you save money because instead of always having your central heating system on to all the many rooms in your house, you can just have your electric radiator going where and when you need it. It is also less money to maintain because it does not involve an entire system that is tucked away in your walls and floors so that the heat can get to its destination. It is one unit, and if it needs to be repaired or maintained, it is easily accessible.

Slimness and styling

There are different styles of electric radiators, which you will be able to choose from. When you are choosing one, it should be slim, so it is discrete and compliments the room in which it is being installed in. This is important because if you think about traditional baseboard electric heaters, they are usually bulky and not that great to look at. They also become a difficult piece that you have to paint around when redecorating your home. Find an electric radiator that will not be an eyesore or get in the way when you want to create a new style in your home. You will feel comfortable to have guests over because they are hardly noticeable.


When looking for the type of electric radiator you would like to purchase and install in a room in your home, you must look for one that has flexible and simple program functions. Many models are very easy to use. Those with manual mode that have 24/7 programmable options will make your life so much easier. Other important options you want to consider are override features and an ability to mirror the main central heating system of the house. Being able to program your electric radiator so that it continues to be energy efficient is an important benefit to their installation in your home. This way, you can save energy by only using your central heating system when and where you really need it.


Have you ever attempted to sleep on a cold winter night and you were just about to sleep when the heating kicked on and woke you up? A great benefit of installing electric radiators is that they are less noisy than other types of heating. It is important to consider this when figuring out what is the best heater to buy for one room. Having a quiet electric heater in a bedroom or a conservatory would be beneficial because it will not disrupt sleeping or studying. Electric radiators are not just great for those rooms, but for all rooms in your house. When having guests over, it would be embarrassing to have your conversation interrupted by a noisy heating system.

Easy Maintenance

Not only is maintenance easy with electric radiators because they won’t cost money to maintain, they also do not require hours of work because of pipes and ducts. Furnaces, baseboards, and other types of heating systems can break, and it could take time to find where the problem lies. Electric radiators also last about 50% longer than some other types of heating systems, so you won’t have to do too much or spend too much to keep them maintained. It is important to clean them as with any other appliance, but it is certainly easy to get to than having to fix pipes and duct systems.

Some of the maintenance can also be completed by you because it is so easy, so you will not have to rely on someone to come out and fix it or maintain it for you. Getting your heating system fixed can be a pain because you have to usually be home when they are being maintained, so it is a major interruption to your day. With electric radiators, this will not happen.

Final Words

There are so many benefits to having an electric radiator. This kind of heater will make your life easier, especially if it is in your bedroom or other room where you spend a lot of time in. If you prefer to be warm during those cold winter months, then you’ll want to consider installing an electric radiator in some of the most important rooms in your home. When considering what is the best heater to buy for one room, you will only have one problem. You’ll wish your whole house was fitted with electric radiators because of all the amazing benefits and comforts it brings to your life.

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