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Electric Radiators and the Garden Office


A garden office is become a popular choice for those who have a work from home type role within their company, or indeed for those who run their businesses from their property.  Having a separate space for work is a great sanity saver and means you will not be caught up in work after hours – unless you choose to be out there.  If you are having a room built from scratch or upgrading an existing structure, heating is something you will have to consider.

In the summer it might be lovely and warm, and you can have the doors open, however as summer becomes autumn you might notice a change in the temperatures.

Electric Radiators Are Easy

One of the most cost efficient solutions for heating your garden office space is by using an electric radiator.  They are not expensive to buy, and they are set up almost instantly, and come with a myriad of features that make them a good choice.

Overnight Heating

If you are keeping computer equipment in a garden office, it is necessary for performance that temperatures do not drop too low.  As the structure is often made of wood and not insulated quite as well as a brick built house the overnight temperatures can plummet in winter, which could damage your PC or other equipment.  Insurance companies will not pay out if you could have prevented this. Having an electric radiator is perfect as they can be set to come on when the temperature drops too low, and will automatically cut out once it is warm enough, as dictated by the maximum temperature you dictate.  This means you are not wasting electricity heating an empty room but are providing the protect your electrical goods really need.

 Many modern electric radiators also have a frost function which means even if you forget to set them, they will kick in when temperatures reach 5 degrees.

Space Saving

One of the other great benefits of electric radiators is they do not take up much space.  They are designed to sit flush against the wall and not stick out into the room.  If you wanted, you could wall mount the electric radiator which is a simple task that only requires basic DIY skills.  In garden offices space has usually been created to be functional without wasted areas, so often there is no room for anything too big anyway.

Because they are so lightweight and portable, you could also have a dual purpose heater.  When the heater is not needed in the garden office, you could easily move it to another area.

Cost Effective to Run

Electric radiators have come on in leaps and bounds and are no longer the electric-eaters that everyone used to fear.  Now they are much more energy efficient and cheap to run.  Because steps are being taken globally to make electricity a greener product by using solar and wave technology to generate, you are also making a better impact on the environment when compared to heating methods like gas.

Take a look at our office electric radiators.

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