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Heating Solutions for Your Bathroom


A lack of heat in the bathroom is a common problem that many people face, especially in older properties. A chilly bathroom isn’t a nice thing to experience, especially on a frosty morning.

Feeling cold isn’t only the only issue that can arise when your bathroom isn’t heated properly. Damp and mould can become a serious issue, and more quickly than you think. So what is the best solution for heating your bathroom?

Taking care of your bathroom
Why is heating your bathroom so important? A cold bathroom is not a nice room to be in, especially when your hot bath quickly turns cold. Whilst you may just choose to wrap up and run into a room warm quickly, a cold bathroom could be costing you more in your hot water bill. You may find yourself running the shower for a few minutes to warm the room, or you may have to keep topping the hot water up in your bath. All of this can quickly add up to extra on your energy bill.

The consequences of lack of heating
A room with no heat becomes at risk of damp. Damp can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior structure of the house. This can cost a great amount to repair, and damp can be hazardous to your health in the long term.

Preventing dampness and moisture
There are certain ways to prevent damp or condensation in your bathroom. Opening your windows or turning on the extractor fan are key ways to deal with moisture in the room. Keeping the bathroom door closed also stops the moisture spreading to other rooms. Maintaining a constant temperature prevents damp and moisture as cold air causes the warm air to release moisture.

Elegant solutions for heating your bathroom
Best Electric Radiators has the perfect product for you. The Classic Chrome Electric Towel Rail is the ideal source of heat for your bathroom. Its chrome and stylish finish are modern and appeals to all tastes. With 24 horizontal tubes and up to three extra towel slots, you never need to worry about damp or cold towels again. It’s easy to install, versatile, and ideal for small spaces, as it won’t take up much room.

Energy efficiency where it matters most
The Classic Chrome Electric Towel Radiator is also highly energy efficient. It is more economical than using central heating, so it can save you a large sum off your  energy bill. You can choose either the standard element where you preset your temperature or have the remote control programmable element, which lets you change the temperature when you want at the touch of a button.

Make the most of electric heating solutions in your home

In a nutshell, if you want an affordable and effective way to keep your bathroom warm, the Classic Chrome Electric Towel Rail does it all at an affordable price. Using electric radiators in your bathroom and home has many advantages, from saving you money to reducing issues with damp.

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