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Heating Tips for Your Mobile Home

Mobile Home

If there’s anything the British are famous for (and do well), it’s the caravan seaside holiday. Mobile homes and static caravans are a great way to spend a holiday, or to own as a second home. However, as many caravans and mobile homes are off the grid, creating a comfortable living space can be difficult without access to mains electricity and gas. Whether you’re a property investor or a private individual looking to heat your mobile home, we have some tips to help heat a mobile home or caravan.

Insulate Your Mobile Home

You may not spend a lot of time there, but adding insulation to your mobile home will ensure you’re pleasantly cosy during the winter months and the cold snaps in the summer. Insulation will also reduce heat wastage. The best way to insulate your home is taking off the wall panels and fitting foam or fibreglass insulation (this can be bought from your local hardware store or builder’s merchants). Then, replace the wall panels and enjoy the warmth for many years to come.

Consider Underpinning If It’s a Permanent Mobile Home

If your mobile home is going to be in the same place for a few years, underpinning is a smart option. Underpinning essentially blocks off any breezes from going under the caravan and also provides a smart look. You can use weather-treated wood that will stay looking tidy for many years.

Opt for Double or Triple Glazing

Windows are a big investment for any home – but for mobile homes, a thicker window could really help keep the heat in and the cold out. The good news is that windows for mobile homes are often easy to install and you can find some great quality windows for reasonable prices.

Install Solar Panels

Now is the ideal chance to really make a great environmental impact by installing solar panels for electricity. A mobile home doesn’t require as much power as a typical household, so solar panels can build up a reserve of power and avoid tapping into stored oil. This can keep costs down and provide a source of power for heating.

Slimline Electric Radiators

Don’t even consider storage heaters! They have been proven to be inefficient (not to mention ugly to look at!) and won’t actually heat the space during the evenings when you’re there. Electric radiators have come on leaps and bounds, and they make the perfect solution for heating a mobile home or static caravan. Easy to install and manage, you can get as much or little heat as needed.

Our range of electric radiators are ideal for every room in your mobile home. The slimline radiators are elegant and a cost-effective way to heat the space to your specific requirements. Even if you’re away for a little while, you can set all of the radiators to keep the space at a certain temperature to avoid damp.


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