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Heating Your Garden Room


With many jobs now lending themselves to remote work, more and more people in the UK are working from home. Many of us use a spare bedroom as a home office, or a desk tucked away in the kitchen or under the stairs, but you may be lucky enough to have room for a home office in your garden. These garden rooms are increasingly seen as a great, easy way to add extra space to your house without needing to build an extension. They’re relatively cheap, not too disruptive to build, and they’re a useful extra space to work from.

If you’re considering a garden room, you’ll need to think about utilities. Obviously for work you’ll need an electricity connection, for your PC and lighting if nothing else. But how will you heat your room? It may be well-insulated and have double glazing, but it will still get cold in winter. A slimline electric radiator is the obvious solution – at just £199 it’s perfect for heating smaller rooms, and all you need is an electric socket to get it up and running.

Benefits of a Slimline Radiator

Not only is the slimline radiator extremely cheap to run, it has several features you’ll find useful in your garden room. Firstly, it’s fully programmable to come on at different times of the day – for example half an hour before your work day starts in the morning. You can programme it to stay off on the weekends, and only come on during the week. You can also set the desired temperature of the room so the radiator maintains a constant temperature – this means you won’t be opening and closing windows throughout the day, or wearing layers like you might in an air-conditioned office. With your radiator programmed already, you’ll always be comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Our slimline model is an extra-silent heater, meaning it’s extremely quiet compared to ordinary electric radiators. It won’t disturb your work as it comes on and turns off. It’s also extremely space-saving at just 60mm wide, leaving plenty of room for all your other office furniture.

One of the most useful features of this radiator for a garden room is the ‘anti-frost mode’. This automatically prevents the temperature of the room falling below 5 degrees, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that your office equipment won’t be damaged by cold over the winter.

One of the most important benefits of course is cost – you don’t want your heating bills spiralling through the roof just because you work at home. Thanks to the efficiency of our slimline radiator, it’s extremely cheap to run, so you might be surprised at how little heating your new home office will cost.

Our 500W slimline radiator can heat a 6 square metre room which is well-insulated, and if you do need a larger heater you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is. Our 1000w slimline radiators are just £259. If you’re unsure what size you’ll need, take a look at our handy table on the product page.

Take a look at our office electric radiators.

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